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Here is a list of all documented namespaces with brief descriptions:
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 CActionEncapsulates data that describes an action
 CAnnotationAnnotation struct holds properties shared by all annotations
 CRevisionAll information about the revision of the annotation
 CStyleAll information about style of the annotation
 CWindowAll information about the popup window of the annotation that is used to edit the content and properties
 CAnnotationObjectRectThis class describes the object rectangle for an annotation
 CAnnotationProxyNative annotation interface
 CAnnotationUtilsHelper class for (recursive) annotation retrieval/storage
 CAudioPlayerAn audio player
 CBookmarkManagerBookmarks manager utility
 CBrowseActionThe Browse action browses an url by opening a web browser or email client, depending on the url protocol (e.g
 CCertificateStoreA helper class to store information about x509 certificate
 CConfigInterfaceAbstract interface for configuration control
 CDefaultPrintOptionsWidgetThe default okular extra print options widget
 CDocumentThe Document
 CDocumentActionThe DocumentAction action contains an action that is performed on the current document
 CDocumentInfoThe DocumentInfo structure can be filled in by generators to display metadata about the currently opened file
 CDocumentObserverBase class for objects being notified when something changes
 CDocumentSynopsisA DOM tree that describes the Table of Contents
 CDocumentViewportA view on the document
 CEmbeddedFileAn embedded file into the document
 CExecuteActionThe Execute action executes an external application
 CExportFormatDefines an entry for the export menu
 CFontInfoA small class that represents the information of a font
 CFormFieldThe base interface of a form field
 CFormFieldButtonInterface of a button form field
 CFormFieldChoiceInterface of a choice form field
 CFormFieldSignatureInterface of a signature form field
 CFormFieldTextInterface of a text form field
 CGenerator[Abstract Class] The information generator
 CGotoActionThe Goto action changes the viewport to another page or loads an external document
 CGuiInterfaceAbstract interface for user interface control
 CHighlightAreaRectThis class stores the geometry of a highlighting area in normalized coordinates, together with highlighting specific information
 CMovieContains information about a movie object
 CMovieActionThe Movie action executes an operation on a video on activation
 CMovieAnnotationMovie annotation
 CNewSignatureDataData needed to create a new signature
 CNonOwningObjectRectThis class is an object rect that doesn't own the given pointer, i.e
 CNormalizedPointNormalizedPoint is a helper class which stores the coordinates of a normalized point
 CNormalizedRectA NormalizedRect is a rectangle which can be defined by two NormalizedPoints
 CObjectRectAn area with normalized coordinates that contains a reference to an object
 CPageCollector for all the data belonging to a page
 CPageSizeA small class that represents the size of a page
 CPageTransitionInformation object for the transition effect of a page
 CPixmapRequestDescribes a pixmap type request
 CPrintInterfaceAbstract interface for advanced printing control
 CPrintOptionsWidgetAbstract base class for an extra print options widget in the print dialog
 CRegularAreaAn area with normalized coordinates, consisting of NormalizedShape objects
 CRegularAreaRectThis is a list of NormalizedRect, to describe an area consisting of multiple rectangles using normalized coordinates
 CRenditionActionThe Rendition action executes an operation on a video or executes some JavaScript code on activation
 CRichMediaAnnotationRichMedia annotation
 CSaveInterfaceAbstract interface for saving
 CScreenAnnotationScreen annotation
 CScriptActionThe Script action executes a Script code
 CSoundContains information about a sound object
 CSoundActionThe Sound action plays a sound on activation
 CSoundAnnotationSound annotation
 CSourceReferenceDefines a source reference
 CSourceRefObjectRectThis class describes the object rectangle for a source reference
 CTextDocumentGeneratorQTextDocument-based Generator
 CTextDocumentSettingsWidgetHere is example of how you can add custom settings per-backend:
 CTextEntityRepresents a piece of text on a TextPage, containing its textual representation and its bounding box
 CTextPageRepresents the textual information of a Page
 CTextRequestDescribes a text request
 CTextSelectionWrapper around the information needed to generate the selection area
 CTileThis class represents a rectangular portion of a page
 CUtilsGeneral utility functions
 CViewView on the document
 CViewerInterfaceAbstract interface for controlling advanced features of a document viewer
 CVisiblePageRectAn area of a specified page
 CWidgetAnnotationWidget annotation
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