Okular::PixmapRequest Class Reference

#include <generator.h>

Public Types

enum  PixmapRequestFeature { NoFeature = 0, Asynchronous = 1, Preload = 2 }
typedef QFlags< PixmapRequestFeature > PixmapRequestFeatures

Public Member Functions

 PixmapRequest (DocumentObserver *observer, int pageNumber, int width, int height, int priority, PixmapRequestFeatures features)
 ~PixmapRequest ()
bool asynchronous () const
int height () const
bool isTile () const
const NormalizedRectnormalizedRect () const
DocumentObserverobserver () const
Pagepage () const
int pageNumber () const
bool partialUpdatesWanted () const
bool preload () const
int priority () const
void setNormalizedRect (const NormalizedRect &rect)
void setPartialUpdatesWanted (bool partialUpdatesWanted)
void setTile (bool tile)
bool shouldAbortRender () const
int width () const

Detailed Description

Describes a pixmap type request.

Definition at line 630 of file generator.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PixmapRequest::PixmapRequest ( DocumentObserver observer,
int  pageNumber,
int  width,
int  height,
int  priority,
PixmapRequestFeatures  features 

Creates a new pixmap request.

observerThe observer.
pageNumberThe page number.
widthThe width of the page.
heightThe height of the page.
priorityThe priority of the request.
featuresThe features of generation.

Definition at line 557 of file generator.cpp.

PixmapRequest::~PixmapRequest ( )

Destroys the pixmap request.

Definition at line 573 of file generator.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

bool PixmapRequest::asynchronous ( ) const

Returns whether the generation should be done synchronous or asynchronous.

If asynchronous, the pixmap is created in a thread and the observer is notified when the job is done.

Definition at line 603 of file generator.cpp.

int PixmapRequest::height ( ) const

Returns the page height of the requested pixmap.

Definition at line 593 of file generator.cpp.

bool PixmapRequest::isTile ( ) const

Returns whether the generator should render just the region given by normalizedRect() or the entire page.

0.16 (KDE 4.10)

Definition at line 623 of file generator.cpp.

const NormalizedRect & PixmapRequest::normalizedRect ( ) const

Returns the normalized region of the page to request.

0.16 (KDE 4.10)

Definition at line 636 of file generator.cpp.

DocumentObserver * PixmapRequest::observer ( ) const

Returns the observer of the request.

Definition at line 578 of file generator.cpp.

Page * PixmapRequest::page ( ) const

Returns a pointer to the page where the pixmap shall be generated for.

Definition at line 613 of file generator.cpp.

int PixmapRequest::pageNumber ( ) const

Returns the page number of the request.

Definition at line 583 of file generator.cpp.

bool PixmapRequest::partialUpdatesWanted ( ) const

Should the request report back updates if possible?


Definition at line 646 of file generator.cpp.

bool PixmapRequest::preload ( ) const

Returns whether the generation request is for a page that is not important i.e.

it's just for speeding up future rendering

Definition at line 608 of file generator.cpp.

int PixmapRequest::priority ( ) const

Returns the priority (less it better, 0 is maximum) of the request.

Definition at line 598 of file generator.cpp.

void PixmapRequest::setNormalizedRect ( const NormalizedRect rect)

Sets the region of the page to request.

0.16 (KDE 4.10)

Definition at line 628 of file generator.cpp.

void PixmapRequest::setPartialUpdatesWanted ( bool  partialUpdatesWanted)

Sets whether the request should report back updates if possible.


Definition at line 641 of file generator.cpp.

void PixmapRequest::setTile ( bool  tile)

Sets whether the generator should render only the given normalized rect or the entire page.

0.16 (KDE 4.10)

Definition at line 618 of file generator.cpp.

bool PixmapRequest::shouldAbortRender ( ) const

Should the request be aborted if possible?


Definition at line 651 of file generator.cpp.

int PixmapRequest::width ( ) const

Returns the page width of the requested pixmap.

Definition at line 588 of file generator.cpp.

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