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Okular::ViewerInterface Class Referenceabstract

#include <viewerinterface.h>

Public Member Functions

 ViewerInterface (const ViewerInterface &)=delete
virtual bool areSourceLocationsShownGraphically () const =0
virtual void clearLastShownSourceLocation ()=0
virtual QWidgetgetSideContainer () const =0
virtual bool isWatchFileModeEnabled () const =0
virtual bool openNewFilesInTabs () const =0
void openSourceReference (const QString &absFileName, int line, int column)
ViewerInterfaceoperator= (const ViewerInterface &)=delete
virtual void setShowSourceLocationsGraphically (bool b)=0
virtual void setWatchFileModeEnabled (bool b)=0
virtual void showSourceLocation (const QString &fileName, int line, int column, bool showGraphically=true)=0
void viewerMenuStateChange (bool enabled)

Detailed Description

Abstract interface for controlling advanced features of a document viewer.

This interface can be used to control some more or less advanced features of a document viewer.

Definition at line 28 of file viewerinterface.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ViewerInterface()

Okular::ViewerInterface::ViewerInterface ( )

Definition at line 31 of file viewerinterface.h.

◆ ~ViewerInterface()

virtual Okular::ViewerInterface::~ViewerInterface ( )

Definition at line 34 of file viewerinterface.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ areSourceLocationsShownGraphically()

virtual bool Okular::ViewerInterface::areSourceLocationsShownGraphically ( ) const
pure virtual

Returns true iff source locations are shown graphically.

◆ clearLastShownSourceLocation()

virtual void Okular::ViewerInterface::clearLastShownSourceLocation ( )
pure virtual

Clear the source location that was set last in the viewer.

◆ getSideContainer()

virtual QWidget * Okular::ViewerInterface::getSideContainer ( ) const
pure virtual

Returns the sidebar container.


◆ isWatchFileModeEnabled()

virtual bool Okular::ViewerInterface::isWatchFileModeEnabled ( ) const
pure virtual

Returns true iff the watch file mode is enabled.

◆ openNewFilesInTabs()

virtual bool Okular::ViewerInterface::openNewFilesInTabs ( ) const
pure virtual

Should the shell that supports tabs open new files in tabs?

◆ openSourceReference()

void Okular::ViewerInterface::openSourceReference ( const QString & absFileName,
int line,
int column )

The signal 'openSourceReference' is emitted whenever the user has triggered a source reference in the currently displayed document.

◆ setShowSourceLocationsGraphically()

virtual void Okular::ViewerInterface::setShowSourceLocationsGraphically ( bool b)
pure virtual

Allows to control whether source locations are shown graphically, or not.

◆ setWatchFileModeEnabled()

virtual void Okular::ViewerInterface::setWatchFileModeEnabled ( bool b)
pure virtual

Allows to enable or disable the watch file mode.

◆ showSourceLocation()

virtual void Okular::ViewerInterface::showSourceLocation ( const QString & fileName,
int line,
int column,
bool showGraphically = true )
pure virtual

Show the specified source location centrally in the viewer.

fileNamesource file name
linein the source file, starts from 0
columnin the source file, starts from 0
showGraphicallycontrols whether the given source location will be shown graphically in the viewer (if that feature is globally activated)

◆ viewerMenuStateChange()

void Okular::ViewerInterface::viewerMenuStateChange ( bool enabled)

The signal 'viewerMenuStateChange' is emitted whenever the state of the menu 'menu_okular_part_viewer' defined in 'part-viewermode.rc' has changed.

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