Perceptual Color

Build instructions and requirements

Build-time dependencies:

  • LittleCMS 2 (minimum version: 2.0)
  • Qt 5 (minimum version: 5.15)

or Qt 6 (minimum version: 6.0.0). Components: Core, Gui, Widgets, DBus, Concurrent, Test, Svg.

  • CMake
  • ECM (Extra CMake Modules from KDE)
  • C++17
  • Both, the input character set and the execution character set, have to be UTF8. (See Compiler character sets for more details.)
  • Optional: There is also a LittleCMS plugin called fast_float plug-in that you can include into the source code of your application and load it in your main function before using this library. This can make color management faster. (Note that this plugin has a different license than LittleCMS itself.)

Additional mandatory run-time dependencies:

  • QSvgIconEnginePlugin. Available plugins are loaded automatically by Qt. Therefore, just make sure that this plugin is present. On Linux, it seems possible to enforce this by linking dynamically to the plugin itself, if you want to. This forces Linux package managers to produce packages of your application that depend not only on Qt base, but also on the SVG plugin. A typical file name of the plugin is plugins/iconengines/

Please make sure that you comply with the licences of used libraries.

To prepare the build, run cmake. We provide plenty of CMake options that control the build type (shared/dynamic vs. static), IPO/LPO and much more. The options are self-documenting. When you run CMake, the options are listed with their values and a description of them.

Then, to build and install the library:

make && sudo make install

To do unit testing:

make build_test test
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