Perceptual Color

Perceptual Color


This library provides Qt GUI components for choosing colors, with a focus on an intuitive and perceptually uniform presentation.


The GUI widgets in PerceptualColor are based on the LCH color model, which is known to reflect human perception better than RGB or its variants like HSV. This leads to a highly intuitive user interface that is more user-friendly and easier to navigate. Moreover, the widgets can be used effectively without any prerequisite knowledge of the LCH color model by the users.



This library:

  • Provides complete documentation for the public API (as well as for the internal API and source code itself).
  • Is cross-platform. It does not use platform-specific code nor rely on a specific byte order. CI-tested on Linux, Windows, FreeBSD.
  • Provides internationalization and localization, including right-to-left layouts.
  • Provides high-DPI support.
  • Uses QStyle wherever possible.
  • Provides support for Qt style sheets where it makes sense.
  • Has support for both pointer devices (mouse, touchpad, etc.) and keyboard navigation in the widgets.
  • Has a permissive license.
  • Can be built as either a static or a shared/dynamic library.
  • Has basic support for accessibility.
  • Is developed with unit tests.
  • Links only to Qt and LittleCMS, making it a Tier 1 library.