Perceptual Color

Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 NPerceptualColorThe namespace of this library
 CAbstractDiagramBase class for LCH diagrams
 CChromaHueDiagramA widget for selecting chroma and hue in LCH color space
 CColorDialogA perceptually uniform color picker dialog
 CColorPatchA color display widget
 CColorWheelA color wheel widget
 CGradientSliderA slider who’s groove displays an LCH color gradient
 CLchaDoubleA LCH color with alpha channel
 CLchDoubleA LCH color (Oklch, CielchD50, CielchD65…)
 CMultiSpinBoxA spin box that can hold multiple sections (each with its own value) at the same time
 CMultiSpinBoxSectionThe configuration of a single section within a MultiSpinBox
 CRgbColorSpaceFactoryFactory for color space objects
 CWheelColorPickerComplete wheel-based color picker widget
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