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PerceptualColor::MultiSpinBoxSection Class Reference

#include <multispinboxsection.h>

Public Member Functions

 MultiSpinBoxSection ()
 MultiSpinBoxSection (const MultiSpinBoxSection &other)
 MultiSpinBoxSection (MultiSpinBoxSection &&other) noexcept
 ~MultiSpinBoxSection () noexcept
int decimals () const
bool isWrapping () const
double maximum () const
double minimum () const
MultiSpinBoxSectionoperator= (const MultiSpinBoxSection &other)
MultiSpinBoxSectionoperator= (MultiSpinBoxSection &&other) noexcept
QString prefix () const
void setDecimals (int newDecimals)
void setMaximum (double newMaximum)
void setMinimum (double newMinimum)
void setPrefix (const QString &newPrefix)
void setSingleStep (double newSingleStep)
void setSuffix (const QString &newSuffix)
void setWrapping (bool newIsWrapping)
double singleStep () const
QString suffix () const

Detailed Description

The configuration of a single section within a MultiSpinBox.

For a specific section within a MultiSpinBox, this configuration contains various settings.

This data type can be passed to QDebug thanks to operator<<(QDebug dbg, const PerceptualColor::MultiSpinBoxSection &value)

This type is declared as type to Qt’s type system via Q_DECLARE_METATYPE. Depending on your use case (for example if you want to use for queued signal-slot connections), you might consider calling qRegisterMetaType() for this type, once you have a QApplication object.

Definition at line 37 of file multispinboxsection.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ MultiSpinBoxSection() [1/3]

PerceptualColor::MultiSpinBoxSection::MultiSpinBoxSection ( )


The object is initialized with default values.

Definition at line 19 of file multispinboxsection.cpp.

◆ MultiSpinBoxSection() [2/3]

PerceptualColor::MultiSpinBoxSection::MultiSpinBoxSection ( const MultiSpinBoxSection & other)

Copy constructor.

otherthe object to be copied

Definition at line 32 of file multispinboxsection.cpp.

◆ ~MultiSpinBoxSection()

PerceptualColor::MultiSpinBoxSection::~MultiSpinBoxSection ( )


Definition at line 25 of file multispinboxsection.cpp.

◆ MultiSpinBoxSection() [3/3]

PerceptualColor::MultiSpinBoxSection::MultiSpinBoxSection ( MultiSpinBoxSection && other)

Move constructor.

otherthe object to move

Definition at line 58 of file multispinboxsection.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ decimals()

int PerceptualColor::MultiSpinBoxSection::decimals ( ) const

The number of digits after the decimal point.

This value can also be 0 to get integer-like behavior.

The property value.
See also

Definition at line 84 of file multispinboxsection.cpp.

◆ isWrapping()

bool PerceptualColor::MultiSpinBoxSection::isWrapping ( ) const

Holds whether or not MultiSpinBox::sectionValues wrap around when they reaches minimum or maximum.

The default is false.

If false, MultiSpinBox::sectionValues shall be bound between minimum and maximum. If true, MultiSpinBox::sectionValues shall be treated as a circular.

Example: You have a section that displays a value measured in degree. minimum is 0. maximum is 360. The following corrections would be applied to input:

Input isWrapping == false isWrapping == true
-5 0 355
0 0 0
5 5 5
355 355 355
360 360 0
365 360 5
715 360 355
720 360 0
725 360 5
The property value.
See also

Definition at line 124 of file multispinboxsection.cpp.

◆ maximum()

double PerceptualColor::MultiSpinBoxSection::maximum ( ) const

The maximum possible value of the section.

The property value.
See also

Definition at line 142 of file multispinboxsection.cpp.

◆ minimum()

double PerceptualColor::MultiSpinBoxSection::minimum ( ) const

The minimum possible value of the section.

The property value.
See also

Definition at line 163 of file multispinboxsection.cpp.

◆ operator=() [1/2]

MultiSpinBoxSection & PerceptualColor::MultiSpinBoxSection::operator= ( const MultiSpinBoxSection & other)

Copy assignment operator.

By convention, always returns *this.
otherthe object to be copied

Definition at line 44 of file multispinboxsection.cpp.

◆ operator=() [2/2]

MultiSpinBoxSection & PerceptualColor::MultiSpinBoxSection::operator= ( MultiSpinBoxSection && other)

Move assignment operator.

By convention, always returns *this.
otherthe object to move-assign

Definition at line 68 of file multispinboxsection.cpp.

◆ prefix()

QString PerceptualColor::MultiSpinBoxSection::prefix ( ) const

A prefix to be displayed before the value.

The property value.
See also

Definition at line 184 of file multispinboxsection.cpp.

◆ setDecimals()

void PerceptualColor::MultiSpinBoxSection::setDecimals ( int newDecimals)

Setter for decimals property.

newDecimalsThe new decimals values.

Definition at line 92 of file multispinboxsection.cpp.

◆ setMaximum()

void PerceptualColor::MultiSpinBoxSection::setMaximum ( double newMaximum)

Setter for maximum property.

newMaximumThe new maximum value.

Definition at line 150 of file multispinboxsection.cpp.

◆ setMinimum()

void PerceptualColor::MultiSpinBoxSection::setMinimum ( double newMinimum)

Setter for minimum property.

newMinimumThe new minimum value.

Definition at line 171 of file multispinboxsection.cpp.

◆ setPrefix()

void PerceptualColor::MultiSpinBoxSection::setPrefix ( const QString & newPrefix)

Setter for prefix property.

newPrefixThe new prefix value.

Definition at line 192 of file multispinboxsection.cpp.

◆ setSingleStep()

void PerceptualColor::MultiSpinBoxSection::setSingleStep ( double newSingleStep)

Setter for singleStep property.

newSingleStepThe new single step value.

Definition at line 216 of file multispinboxsection.cpp.

◆ setSuffix()

void PerceptualColor::MultiSpinBoxSection::setSuffix ( const QString & newSuffix)

Setter for suffix property.

newSuffixThe new suffix value.

Definition at line 234 of file multispinboxsection.cpp.

◆ setWrapping()

void PerceptualColor::MultiSpinBoxSection::setWrapping ( bool newIsWrapping)

Setter for isWrapping property.

newIsWrappingThe new isWrapping value.

Definition at line 132 of file multispinboxsection.cpp.

◆ singleStep()

double PerceptualColor::MultiSpinBoxSection::singleStep ( ) const

A smaller of two natural steps.

Valid range: >= 0

When the user uses the arrows to change the spin box’s value the value will be incremented/decremented by the amount of the singleStep.

The property value.
See also

Definition at line 208 of file multispinboxsection.cpp.

◆ suffix()

QString PerceptualColor::MultiSpinBoxSection::suffix ( ) const

The suffix to be displayed behind the value.

The property value.
See also

Definition at line 226 of file multispinboxsection.cpp.

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