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PulseAudioQt::Sink Class Reference

#include <sink.h>

Inheritance diagram for PulseAudioQt::Sink:

Public Member Functions

bool isDefault () const override
void setActivePortIndex (quint32 port_index) override
void setChannelVolume (int channel, qint64 volume) override
void setDefault (bool enable) override
void setMuted (bool muted) override
void setVolume (qint64 volume) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from PulseAudioQt::Device
quint32 activePortIndex () const
quint32 cardIndex () const
QString description () const
QString formFactor () const
QVector< Port * > ports () const
 Q_ENUM (State)
State state () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from PulseAudioQt::VolumeObject
QVector< QStringchannels () const
QVector< qreal > channelVolumes () const
bool isMuted () const
bool isVolumeWritable () const
QStringList rawChannels () const
qint64 volume () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from PulseAudioQt::Device
enum  State {
  InvalidState = 0, RunningState, IdleState, SuspendedState,
- Properties inherited from PulseAudioQt::Device
quint32 activePortIndex
quint32 cardIndex
bool default
QString description
QString formFactor
QVector< Port * > ports
State state
- Properties inherited from PulseAudioQt::VolumeObject
QVector< QStringchannels
QVector< qreal > channelVolumes
bool muted
QStringList rawChannels
qint64 volume
bool volumeWritable
- Signals inherited from PulseAudioQt::Device
void activePortIndexChanged ()
void cardIndexChanged ()
void defaultChanged ()
void descriptionChanged ()
void formFactorChanged ()
void portsChanged ()
void stateChanged ()
- Signals inherited from PulseAudioQt::VolumeObject
void channelsChanged ()
void channelVolumesChanged ()
void isVolumeWritableChanged ()
void mutedChanged ()
void rawChannelsChanged ()
void volumeChanged ()

Detailed Description

A PulseAudio sink.

This class is based on https://freedesktop.org/software/pulseaudio/doxygen/structpa__sink__info.html.

Definition at line 19 of file sink.h.

Member Function Documentation

bool PulseAudioQt::Sink::isDefault ( ) const

Whether this is the default device.

Implements PulseAudioQt::Device.

Definition at line 66 of file sink.cpp.

void PulseAudioQt::Sink::setActivePortIndex ( quint32  port_index)

Set the currently active port, by index.

Implements PulseAudioQt::Device.

Definition at line 51 of file sink.cpp.

void PulseAudioQt::Sink::setDefault ( bool  enable)

Set whether this is the default device.

Implements PulseAudioQt::Device.

Definition at line 71 of file sink.cpp.

void PulseAudioQt::Sink::setMuted ( bool  muted)

Set whether this object is muted.

Implements PulseAudioQt::VolumeObject.

Definition at line 46 of file sink.cpp.

void PulseAudioQt::Sink::setVolume ( qint64  volume)

Set the volume for this object.

This affects all channels. The volume must be between PulseAudioQt::minimumVolume() and PulseAudioQt::maximumVolume().

Implements PulseAudioQt::VolumeObject.

Definition at line 41 of file sink.cpp.

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