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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 NAtticaThe Attica namespace,
 CAccountBalanceRepresents the money in the account of the user
 CAchievementRepresents an achievement
 CActivityRepresents a single news item (also known as activity)
 CBaseJobThe baseclass for all job classes
 CBuildServiceRepresents a build service
 CBuildServiceJobRepresents a build service job
 CBuildServiceJobOutputRepresents the ouput of a build service job
 CCategoryRepresents a single content category
 CCloudRepresents a cloud service
 CCommentRepresents a comment
 CConfigRepresents a server config
 CContentRepresents a single content
 CDeleteJobRepresents a delete job
 CDistributionInformation about one distribution that the server offers
 CDownloadDescriptionRepresents a download description
 CDownloadItemRepresents a download item
 CEventRepresents a single event
 CFieldField as set for the class Publisher
 CFolderRepresents a single mail folder
 CForumRepresents a forum
 CGetJobRepresents a get job
 CHomePageEntryInformation about one home page entry
 CHomePageTypeInformation about one home page type
 CIconInformation about an icon
 CItemDeleteJobRepresents an item delete job
 CItemJobRepresents an item get job
 CItemPostJobRepresents an item post job
 CItemPutJobRepresents an item put job
 CKnowledgeBaseEntryRepresents a knowledge base entry
 CLicenseInformation about one license that the server offers
 CListJobRepresents a list job
 CMessageRepresents a message
 CMetadataStatus messages from the server
 CPersonRepresents a person
 CPostJobRepresents a post job
 CPrivateDataRepresents private data
 CProjectRepresents a project
 CProviderOne Open Collaboration Service provider
 CProviderManagerAttica ProviderManager
 CPublisherRepresents a publisher
 CPublisherFieldRepresents a publisher field
 CPutJobRepresents a put job
 CRemoteAccountRepresents a remote account
 CTargetThe target in a build service
 CTopicRepresents a topic
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