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 CAttica::AccountBalanceRepresents the money in the account of the user
 CAttica::ActivityRepresents a single news item (also known as activity)
 CAttica::CategoryRepresents a single content category
 CAttica::ConfigRepresents a server config
 CAttica::ContentRepresents a single content
 CAttica::DistributionInformation about one distribution that the server offers
 CAttica::EventRepresents a single event
 CAttica::FolderRepresents a single mail folder
 CAttica::HomePageEntryInformation about one home page entry
 CAttica::HomePageTypeInformation about one home page type
 CAttica::IconInformation about an icon
 CAttica::LicenseInformation about one license that the server offers
 CAttica::MetadataStatus messages from the server
 CAttica::ProviderOne Open Collaboration Service provider
 CQObject [external]
 CAttica::ProviderManagerAttica ProviderManager
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