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Attica::DownloadDescription Class Reference

#include <Attica/DownloadDescription>

Public Types

enum  Type { FileDownload = 0, LinkDownload, PackageDownload }

Public Member Functions

 DownloadDescription (const DownloadDescription &other)
QString category ()
QString category () const
QString distributionType ()
QString distributionType () const
QString gpgFingerprint ()
QString gpgFingerprint () const
QString gpgSignature ()
QString gpgSignature () const
bool hasPrice ()
bool hasPrice () const
int id ()
int id () const
bool isDownloadtypLink ()
QString link ()
QString link () const
QString name ()
QString name () const
DownloadDescriptionoperator= (const DownloadDescription &other)
QString packageName ()
QString packageName () const
QString priceAmount ()
QString priceAmount () const
QString priceReason ()
QString priceReason () const
QString repository ()
QString repository () const
void setCategory (const QString &category)
void setDistributionType (const QString &distributionType)
void setDownloadtypLink (bool isLink)
void setGpgFingerprint (const QString &fingerprint)
void setGpgSignature (const QString &signature)
void setHasPrice (bool hasPrice)
void setId (int id)
void setLink (const QString &link)
void setName (const QString &name)
void setPackageName (const QString &packageName)
void setPriceAmount (const QString &priceAmount)
void setPriceReason (const QString &priceReason)
void setRepository (const QString &repository)
void setSize (uint size)
void setTags (const QStringList &tags)
void setType (Attica::DownloadDescription::Type type)
uint size ()
uint size () const
QStringList tags () const
Attica::DownloadDescription::Type type ()
Attica::DownloadDescription::Type type () const

Detailed Description

Represents a download description.

Definition at line 25 of file downloaddescription.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ id()

int DownloadDescription::id ( ) const

The id of the description - as one Content can have multiple download descriptions associated.

This will simply be 1, 2, ...

Definition at line 66 of file downloaddescription.cpp.

◆ setTags()

void Attica::DownloadDescription::setTags ( const QStringList tags)

Set the list of tags for this download description.


Definition at line 319 of file downloaddescription.cpp.

◆ tags()

QStringList Attica::DownloadDescription::tags ( ) const

Get the list of tags for this download description.


Definition at line 314 of file downloaddescription.cpp.

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