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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CAdapterBluetooth adapter
 CAgentBluetooth agent
 CBatteryDevice battery
 CDeviceBluetooth device
 CDevicesModelModel of all devices
 CGattApplicationBluetooth GattApplication
 CGattCharacteristicRemoteBluetooth LE GATT characteristic
 CGattDescriptorBluetooth GATT Descriptor
 CGattDescriptorRemoteBluetooth LE GATT descriptor
 CGattManagerBluetooth GattManager
 CGattServiceBluetooth GattService
 CInitManagerJobInit manager job
 CInitObexManagerJobInit obex manager job
 CInputDevice input
 CJobThis class represents an asynchronous job performed by BluezQt, it is usually not used directly but instead it is inherit by some other class
 CLEAdvertisementBluetooth LE advertisement
 CLEAdvertisingManagerBluetooth LE advertising manager
 CManagerBluetooth manager
 CMediaBluetooth Media
 CMediaEndpointBluetooth MediaEndpoint
 CConfigurationConfiguration for MediaEndpoint construction
 CMediaPlayerMedia player
 CMediaPlayerTrackMedia player track
 CMediaTransportMedia transport
 CObexAgentBluetooth OBEX agent
 CObexFileTransferOBEX file transfer
 CObexFileTransferEntryOBEX file transfer entry
 CObexManagerOBEX manager
 CObexObjectPushOBEX object push
 CObexSessionOBEX session
 CObexTransferOBEX transfer
 CPendingCallPending method call
 CProfileBluetooth profile
 CRequestD-Bus request
 CTPendingCallPending method call (template version)
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