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KFormat Member List

This is the complete list of members for KFormat, including all inherited members.

BinarySizeUnits enum nameKFormat
BinaryUnitDialect enum nameKFormat
DefaultBinaryDialect enum valueKFormat
DefaultBinaryUnits enum valueKFormat
DefaultDuration enum valueKFormat
DurationFormatOption enum nameKFormat
DurationFormatOptions typedefKFormat
FoldHours enum valueKFormat
formatByteSize(double size, int precision=1, KFormat::BinaryUnitDialect dialect=KFormat::DefaultBinaryDialect, KFormat::BinarySizeUnits units=KFormat::DefaultBinaryUnits) const KFormat
formatDecimalDuration(quint64 msecs, int decimalPlaces=2) const KFormat
formatDuration(quint64 msecs, KFormat::DurationFormatOptions options=KFormat::DefaultDuration) const KFormat
formatRelativeDate(const QDate &date, QLocale::FormatType format) const KFormat
formatRelativeDateTime(const QDateTime &dateTime, QLocale::FormatType format) const KFormat
formatSpelloutDuration(quint64 msecs) const KFormat
formatValue(double value, KFormat::Unit unit, int precision=1, KFormat::UnitPrefix prefix=KFormat::UnitPrefix::AutoAdjust, KFormat::BinaryUnitDialect dialect=KFormat::DefaultBinaryDialect) const KFormat
formatValue(double value, const QString &unit, int precision=1, KFormat::UnitPrefix prefix=KFormat::UnitPrefix::AutoAdjust) const KFormat
formatValue(double value, const QString &unit, int precision, KFormat::UnitPrefix prefix, KFormat::BinaryUnitDialect dialect) const KFormat
HideSeconds enum valueKFormat
IECBinaryDialect enum valueKFormat
InitialDuration enum valueKFormat
JEDECBinaryDialect enum valueKFormat
KFormat(const QLocale &locale=QLocale())KFormatexplicit
KFormat(const KFormat &other)KFormat
LastBinaryDialect enum value (defined in KFormat)KFormat
MetricBinaryDialect enum valueKFormat
operator=(const KFormat &other) (defined in KFormat)KFormat
ShowMilliseconds enum valueKFormat
Unit enum nameKFormat
UnitByte enum valueKFormat
UnitExaByte enum valueKFormat
UnitGigaByte enum valueKFormat
UnitKiloByte enum valueKFormat
UnitLastUnit enum value (defined in KFormat)KFormat
UnitMegaByte enum valueKFormat
UnitPetaByte enum valueKFormat
UnitPrefix enum nameKFormat
UnitTeraByte enum valueKFormat
UnitYottaByte enum valueKFormat
UnitZettaByte enum valueKFormat
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