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InlineViewHeader Class Reference

Inherits QtQuick.QQC2.ToolBar, and QtQuick::Templates::QtQuick::TemplatesoolBar.


listTAction actions
string text

Detailed Description

A fancy inline view header showing a title and optional actions.

Designed to be set as the header: property of a ListView or GridView, this component provides a fancy inline header suitable for explaining the contents of its view to the user in an attractive and standardized way. Actions globally relevant to the view can be defined using the actions: property. They will appear on the right side of the header as buttons, and collapse into an overflow menu when there isn't room to show them all.

The width: property must be manually set to the parent view's width.

Example usage:

import org.kde.kirigami as Kirigami
ListView {
id: listView
headerPositioning: ListView.OverlayHeader
header: InlineViewHeader {
width: listView.width
text: "My amazing view"
Kirigami.Action { "list-add-symbolic"
text: "Add item"
onTriggered: {
// do stuff
model: [...]
delegate: [...]
string text
This property holds the title text.
listTAction actions
This property holds the list of actions to show on the header.

Definition at line 50 of file InlineViewHeader.qml.

Property Documentation

◆ actions

listTAction InlineViewHeader::actions

This property holds the list of actions to show on the header.

Actions are added from left to right. If more actions are set than can fit, an overflow menu is provided.

Definition at line 62 of file InlineViewHeader.qml.

◆ text

string InlineViewHeader::text

This property holds the title text.

Definition at line 56 of file InlineViewHeader.qml.

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