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 CAboutItemAn about item that displays the about data
 CActionAn item that represents an abstract Action
 CApplicationItemAn item that provides the features of ApplicationWindow without the window itself
 CApplicationWindowA window that provides some basic features needed for all apps
 Corg::kde::kirigami::templates::private::BackButtonImport Statement
 Corg::kde::kirigami::templates::private::BorderPropertiesGroupImport Statement
 CCardThis is the standard layout of a Card
 CCheckSubtitleDelegateA convenience wrapper combining QtQuick Controls CheckDelegate and IconTitleSubtitle
 CChipA compact element that represents an attribute, action, or filter
 Corg::kde::kirigami::templates::private::ContextIconImport Statement
 CContextualHelpButtonAn inline help button that shows a tooltip when clicked
 CDefaultCardBackgroundThis is the default background for Cards
 CDialogPopup dialog that is used for short tasks and user interaction
 Corg::kde::kirigami::templates::private::DrawerHandleImport Statement
 Corg::kde::kirigami::templates::private::ForwardButtonImport Statement
 Corg::kde::kirigami::templates::private::GenericDrawerIconImport Statement
 CGlobalDrawerA specialized form of the Drawer intended for showing an application's always-available global actions
 Corg::kde::kirigami::templates::private::IconPropertiesGroupGroup of icon properties
 CIconTitleSubtitleA simple item containing an icon, title and subtitle
 Corg::kde::kirigami::templates::InlineMessageAn inline message item with support for informational, positive, warning and error types, and with support for associated actions
 CInlineViewHeaderA fancy inline view header showing a title and optional actions
 CListSectionHeaderA section delegate for the primitive ListView component
 CLoadingPlaceholderA placeholder for loading pages
 CMenuDialogA dialog that prompts users with a context menu, with list items that perform actions
 Corg::kde::kirigami::templates::private::MenuIconImport Statement
 CNavigationTabBarPage navigation tab-bar, used as an alternative to sidebars for 3-5 elements
 CNavigationTabButtonNavigation buttons to be used for the NavigationTabBar component
 Corg::kde::kirigami::templates::OverlaySheetAn overlay sheet that covers the current Page content
 CPagePoolActionAn action used to load Pages coming from a common PagePool in a PageRow or QtQuickControls2 StackView
 CPageRowPageRow implements a row-based navigation model, which can be used with a set of interlinked information pages
 Corg::kde::kirigami::templates::private::PassiveNotificationsManagerPassiveNotificationManager is meant to display small, passive and inline notifications in the app
 CPasswordFieldThis is a standard password text field
 CPromptDialogA simple dialog to quickly prompt a user with information, and possibly perform an action
 CPullDownIndicatorA pull-down to refresh indicator that can be added to any Flickable or ScrollablePage
 CQObject [external]
 CQQmlParserStatus [external]
 CQSGMaterial [external]
 CQSGNode [external]
 CQtQuick.Controls.AbstractButton [external]
 CQtQuick.Controls.ApplicationWindow [external]
 CQtQuick.Controls.Control [external]
 CQtQuick.Controls.Drawer [external]
 CQtQuick.Controls.ItemDelegate [external]
 CQtQuick.Controls.Label [external]
 CQtQuick.Controls.Page [external]
 CQtQuick.Controls.TextArea [external]
 CQtQuick.Controls.TextField [external]
 CQtQuick.Item [external]
 CQtQuick.Layouts.ColumnLayout [external]
 CQtQuick.Layouts.GridLayout [external]
 CQtQuick.ListView [external]
 CQtQuick.Rectangle [external]
 CRadioSubtitleDelegateA convenience wrapper combining QtQuick Controls RadioDelegate and IconTitleSubtitle
 CScrollablePageScrollablePage is a Page that holds scrollable content, such as a ListView
 CSearchDialogA dialog to let's you do a global search accross your applications documents, chat rooms and more
 CSearchFieldThis is a standard TextField following the KDE HIG, which, by default, uses Ctrl+F as the focus keyboard shortcut and "Search…" as a placeholder text
 CShadowedImageAn image with a shadow
 Corg::kde::kirigami::templates::SingletonHeaderSizeGroupImport Statement
 CSubtitleDelegateA convenience wrapper combining QtQuick Controls ItemDelegate and IconTitleSubtitle
 CSwipeListItemAn item delegate intended to support extra actions obtainable by uncovering them by dragging away the item with the handle
 CSwitchSubtitleDelegateA convenience wrapper combining QtQuick Controls SwitchDelegate and IconTitleSubtitle
 CTitleSubtitleA simple item containing a title and subtitle label
 CUrlButtonA link button that contains a URL
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