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 Corg::kde::kirigami::AboutItemAn about item that displays the about data
 CAbstractApplicationHeaderAn item that can be used as a title for the application
 Corg::kde::kirigami::CardsLayoutA GridLayout optimized for showing one or two columns of cards, depending on the available space
 Corg::kde::kirigami::CategorizedSettingsA container for setting actions showing them in a list view and displaying the actual page next to it
 Corg::kde::kirigami::DialogPopup dialog that is used for short tasks and user interaction
 CGridView [external]
 Corg::kde::kirigami::HeroAn element that implements a shared element transition, otherwise known as a "hero animation"
 Corg::kde::kirigami::templates::IconPropertiesGroupGroup of icon properties
 CInlineMessageAn inline message item with support for informational, positive, warning and error types, and with support for associated actions
 Corg::kde::kirigami::LabelThis is a label which uses the current Theme
 CLabelThis is a label which uses the current Theme
 Corg::kde::kirigami::NavigationTabBarPage navigation tab-bar, used as an alternative to sidebars for 3-5 elements
 Corg::kde::kirigami::NavigationTabButtonNavigation buttons to be used for the NavigationTabBar component
 CQObject [external]
 CQQmlParserStatus [external]
 CQSGMaterial [external]
 CQSGNode [external]
 CQtQml.QtObject [external]
 CQtQuick.Controls.AbstractButton [external]
 CQtQuick.Controls.Action [external]
 CQtQuick.Controls.ApplicationWindow [external]
 CQtQuick.Controls.Control [external]
 CQtQuick.Controls.Drawer [external]
 CQtQuick.Controls.ItemDelegate [external]
 CQtQuick.Controls.Label [external]
 CQtQuick.Controls.Page [external]
 CQtQuick.Controls.TextArea [external]
 CQtQuick.Controls.TextField [external]
 CQtQuick.GridView [external]
 CQtQuick.Item [external]
 CQtQuick.Layouts.ColumnLayout [external]
 CQtQuick.ListView [external]
 CQtQuick.Rectangle [external]
 Corg::kde::kirigami::templates::SwipeListItemAn item delegate intended to support extra actions obtainable by uncovering them by dragging away the item with the handle This acts as a container for normal list items
 Corg::kde::kirigami::TabViewLayoutControl for dynamically moving a bar above or below a content item, e.g
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