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 CKirigamiPluginFactoryV2This class provides an extended version of KirigamiPluginFactory
 CApplicationHeaderStyleTypes used in org::kde::kirigami::PageRow and org::kde::kirigami::Page that indicate how top bar controls should be represented to the user
 CBorderGroupGrouped property for rectangle border
 CColorUtilsUtilities for processing items to obtain colors and information useful for UIs that need to adjust to variable elements
 CColumnViewColumnView is a container that lays out items horizontally in a row, when not all items fit in the ColumnView, it will behave like a QtQuick.Flickable and will be a scrollable view which shows only a determined number of columns
 CColumnViewAttachedThis attached property is available to every child Item of the ColumnView, giving access to view and page information such as position and information for layouting
 CCornersGroupGrouped property for corner radius
 CDelegateRecyclerThis class may be used as a delegate of a QtQuick.ListView or a QtQuick.GridView in the case the intended delegate is a bit heavy, with many objects inside
 CDisplayHintThis enum contains hints on how a Kirigami.Action should be displayed
 CFormLayoutAttachedThis attached property contains the information for decorating a FormLayout:
 CIconClass for rendering an icon in UI
 CImageColorsHelps extract specific colors from an element or image (e.g., its dominant colors)
 CInputMethodThis exposes information about the current used input method
 CKirigamiWheelEventDescribes the mouse wheel event
 CMessageTypeTypes for implementations using messages indicating preference about how to display the message (e.g
 CMnemonicAttachedThis attached property allows to define keyboard sequences to trigger actions based upon their text
 CPagePoolA Pool of Page objects, pages will be unique per url and the items will be kept around unless explicitly deleted
 CPageRouteItem representing a route the PageRouter can navigate to
 CPageRouterAn item managing pages and data of a ColumnView using named routes
 CPageRouterAttachedAttached object allowing children of a PageRouter to access its functions without requiring the children to have the parent PageRouter's id
 CPaintedRectangleItemA rectangle with a border and rounded corners, rendered through QPainter
 CPreloadRouteGroupItem holding data about when to preload a route
 CScenePositionAttachedThis attached property contains items window-local x & y coordinates
 CSettingsThis class contains global kirigami settings about the current device setup It is exposed to QML as the singleton "Settings"
 CShadowedBorderRectangleMaterialA material rendering a rectangle with a shadow and a border
 CShadowedRectangleA rectangle with a shadow behind it
 CShadowedRectangleMaterialA material rendering a rectangle with a shadow
 CShadowedRectangleNodeScene graph node for a shadowed rectangle
 CShadowedTextureA rectangle with a shadow, using a QQuickItem as texture
 CShadowedTextureMaterialA material rendering a rectangle with a shadow
 CShadowedTextureNodeScene graph node for a shadowed texture source
 CShadowGroupGrouped property for the rectangle's shadow
 CSizeGroupSizeGroup is a utility object that makes groups of items request the same size
 CSpellCheckingAttachedThis attached property contains hints for enabling spell checking
 CToolBarLayoutThis is a layout that creates delegates for actions and lays them out in a row
 CToolBarLayoutAttachedAttached property for ToolBarLayout delegates
 CWheelHandlerHandles scrolling for a Flickable and 2 attached ScrollBars
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