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#include <PieChart.h>

Inheritance diagram for PieChart:


QColor backgroundColor
bool filled
qreal fromAngle
bool smoothEnds
qreal spacing
qreal thickness
qreal toAngle
- Properties inherited from Chart
IndexingMode indexingMode
QQmlListProperty< ChartDataSourcevalueSources
- Properties inherited from QQuickItem
- Properties inherited from QObject

Public Member Functions

 PieChart (QQuickItem *parent=nullptr)
QColor backgroundColor () const
Q_SIGNAL void backgroundColorChanged ()
bool filled () const
Q_SIGNAL void filledChanged ()
qreal fromAngle () const
Q_SIGNAL void fromAngleChanged ()
RangeGrouprange () const
void setBackgroundColor (const QColor &color)
void setFilled (bool newFilled)
void setFromAngle (qreal newFromAngle)
void setSmoothEnds (bool newSmoothEnds)
void setSpacing (qreal newSpacing)
void setThickness (qreal newThickness)
void setToAngle (qreal newToAngle)
bool smoothEnds () const
Q_SIGNAL void smoothEndsChanged ()
qreal spacing () const
Q_SIGNAL void spacingChanged ()
qreal thickness () const
Q_SIGNAL void thicknessChanged ()
qreal toAngle () const
Q_SIGNAL void toAngleChanged ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Chart
 Chart (QQuickItem *parent=nullptr)
ChartDataSourcecolorSource () const
Q_SIGNAL void colorSourceChanged ()
Q_SIGNAL void dataChanged ()
IndexingMode indexingMode () const
Q_SIGNAL void indexingModeChanged ()
Q_INVOKABLE void insertValueSource (int index, ChartDataSource *source)
ChartDataSourcenameSource () const
Q_SIGNAL void nameSourceChanged ()
Q_INVOKABLE void removeValueSource (int index)
Q_INVOKABLE void removeValueSource (QObject *source)
void setColorSource (ChartDataSource *colorSource)
void setIndexingMode (IndexingMode newIndexingMode)
void setNameSource (ChartDataSource *nameSource)
void setShortNameSource (ChartDataSource *shortNameSource)
ChartDataSourceshortNameSource () const
Q_SIGNAL void shortNameSourceChanged ()
QList< ChartDataSource * > valueSources () const
Q_SIGNAL void valueSourcesChanged ()
DataSourcesProperty valueSourcesProperty ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from QQuickItem
 QQuickItem (QQuickItem *parent)
Qt::MouseButtons acceptedMouseButtons () const const
bool acceptHoverEvents () const const
bool acceptTouchEvents () const const
void activeFocusChanged (bool)
bool activeFocusOnTab () const const
void activeFocusOnTabChanged (bool)
bool antialiasing () const const
void antialiasingChanged (bool)
qreal baselineOffset () const const
void baselineOffsetChanged (qreal)
QBindable< qreal > bindableHeight ()
QBindable< qreal > bindableWidth ()
QBindable< qreal > bindableX ()
QBindable< qreal > bindableY ()
virtual QRectF boundingRect () const const
QQuickItemchildAt (qreal x, qreal y) const const
QList< QQuickItem * > childItems () const const
QRectF childrenRect ()
void childrenRectChanged (const QRectF &)
bool clip () const const
void clipChanged (bool)
virtual QRectF clipRect () const const
QObjectcontainmentMask () const const
void containmentMaskChanged ()
virtual bool contains (const QPointF &point) const const
QCursor cursor () const const
void dumpItemTree () const const
void enabledChanged ()
void ensurePolished ()
bool filtersChildMouseEvents () const const
Flags flags () const const
void focusChanged (bool)
void forceActiveFocus ()
void forceActiveFocus (Qt::FocusReason reason)
void grabMouse ()
QSharedPointer< QQuickItemGrabResultgrabToImage (const QSize &targetSize)
void grabTouchPoints (const QList< int > &ids)
bool hasActiveFocus () const const
bool hasFocus () const const
qreal height () const const
void heightChanged ()
qreal implicitHeight () const const
void implicitHeightChanged ()
qreal implicitWidth () const const
void implicitWidthChanged ()
virtual QVariant inputMethodQuery (Qt::InputMethodQuery query) const const
bool isAncestorOf (const QQuickItem *child) const const
bool isEnabled () const const
bool isFocusScope () const const
virtual bool isTextureProvider () const const
bool isVisible () const const
bool keepMouseGrab () const const
bool keepTouchGrab () const const
QPointF mapFromGlobal (const QPointF &point) const const
QPointF mapFromItem (const QQuickItem *item, const QPointF &point) const const
QPointF mapFromScene (const QPointF &point) const const
QRectF mapRectFromItem (const QQuickItem *item, const QRectF &rect) const const
QRectF mapRectFromScene (const QRectF &rect) const const
QRectF mapRectToItem (const QQuickItem *item, const QRectF &rect) const const
QRectF mapRectToScene (const QRectF &rect) const const
QPointF mapToGlobal (const QPointF &point) const const
QPointF mapToItem (const QQuickItem *item, const QPointF &point) const const
QPointF mapToScene (const QPointF &point) const const
QQuickItemnextItemInFocusChain (bool forward)
qreal opacity () const const
void opacityChanged ()
void parentChanged (QQuickItem *)
QQuickItemparentItem () const const
void polish ()
void resetAntialiasing ()
void resetHeight ()
void resetWidth ()
qreal rotation () const const
void rotationChanged ()
qreal scale () const const
void scaleChanged ()
QQuickItemscopedFocusItem () const const
void setAcceptedMouseButtons (Qt::MouseButtons buttons)
void setAcceptHoverEvents (bool enabled)
void setAcceptTouchEvents (bool enabled)
void setActiveFocusOnTab (bool)
void setAntialiasing (bool)
void setBaselineOffset (qreal)
void setClip (bool)
void setContainmentMask (QObject *mask)
void setCursor (const QCursor &cursor)
void setEnabled (bool)
void setFiltersChildMouseEvents (bool filter)
void setFlag (Flag flag, bool enabled)
void setFlags (Flags flags)
void setFocus (bool focus, Qt::FocusReason reason)
void setFocus (bool)
void setHeight (qreal)
void setImplicitHeight (qreal)
void setImplicitWidth (qreal)
void setKeepMouseGrab (bool keep)
void setKeepTouchGrab (bool keep)
void setOpacity (qreal)
void setParentItem (QQuickItem *parent)
void setRotation (qreal)
void setScale (qreal)
void setSize (const QSizeF &size)
void setSmooth (bool)
void setState (const QString &)
void setTransformOrigin (TransformOrigin)
void setVisible (bool)
void setWidth (qreal)
void setX (qreal)
void setY (qreal)
void setZ (qreal)
QSizeF size () const const
bool smooth () const const
void smoothChanged (bool)
void stackAfter (const QQuickItem *sibling)
void stackBefore (const QQuickItem *sibling)
QString state () const const
void stateChanged (const QString &)
virtual QSGTextureProvidertextureProvider () const const
TransformOrigin transformOrigin () const const
void transformOriginChanged (TransformOrigin)
void ungrabMouse ()
void ungrabTouchPoints ()
void unsetCursor ()
void update ()
QQuickItemviewportItem () const const
void visibleChanged ()
qreal width () const const
void widthChanged ()
QQuickWindowwindow () const const
void windowChanged (QQuickWindow *window)
qreal x () const const
void xChanged ()
qreal y () const const
void yChanged ()
qreal z () const const
void zChanged ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from QObject
 QObject (QObject *parent)
QBindable< QStringbindableObjectName ()
bool blockSignals (bool block)
const QObjectListchildren () const const
QMetaObject::Connection connect (const QObject *sender, const char *signal, const char *method, Qt::ConnectionType type) const const
void deleteLater ()
void destroyed (QObject *obj)
bool disconnect (const char *signal, const QObject *receiver, const char *method) const const
bool disconnect (const QObject *receiver, const char *method) const const
void dumpObjectInfo () const const
void dumpObjectTree () const const
QList< QByteArraydynamicPropertyNames () const const
virtual bool eventFilter (QObject *watched, QEvent *event)
findChild (const QString &name, Qt::FindChildOptions options) const const
QList< T > findChildren (const QRegularExpression &re, Qt::FindChildOptions options) const const
QList< T > findChildren (const QString &name, Qt::FindChildOptions options) const const
QList< T > findChildren (Qt::FindChildOptions options) const const
bool inherits (const char *className) const const
void installEventFilter (QObject *filterObj)
bool isQuickItemType () const const
bool isWidgetType () const const
bool isWindowType () const const
void killTimer (int id)
virtual const QMetaObjectmetaObject () const const
void moveToThread (QThread *targetThread)
QString objectName () const const
void objectNameChanged (const QString &objectName)
QObjectparent () const const
QVariant property (const char *name) const const
 Q_CLASSINFO (Name, Value)
 Q_ENUM (...)
 Q_ENUM_NS (...)
 Q_ENUMS (...)
 Q_FLAG (...)
 Q_FLAG_NS (...)
 Q_FLAGS (...)
qobject_cast (const QObject *object)
qobject_cast (QObject *object)
void removeEventFilter (QObject *obj)
void setObjectName (const QString &name)
void setObjectName (QAnyStringView name)
void setParent (QObject *parent)
bool setProperty (const char *name, const QVariant &value)
bool setProperty (const char *name, QVariant &&value)
bool signalsBlocked () const const
int startTimer (int interval, Qt::TimerType timerType)
int startTimer (std::chrono::milliseconds interval, Qt::TimerType timerType)
QThreadthread () const const

Protected Member Functions

void onDataChanged () override
QSGNodeupdatePaintNode (QSGNode *node, UpdatePaintNodeData *data) override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Chart
void componentComplete () override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from QQuickItem
virtual bool childMouseEventFilter (QQuickItem *item, QEvent *event)
virtual void classBegin () override
virtual void dragEnterEvent (QDragEnterEvent *event)
virtual void dragLeaveEvent (QDragLeaveEvent *event)
virtual void dragMoveEvent (QDragMoveEvent *event)
virtual void dropEvent (QDropEvent *event)
virtual bool event (QEvent *ev) override
virtual void focusInEvent (QFocusEvent *)
virtual void focusOutEvent (QFocusEvent *)
virtual void geometryChange (const QRectF &newGeometry, const QRectF &oldGeometry)
bool heightValid () const const
virtual void hoverEnterEvent (QHoverEvent *event)
virtual void hoverLeaveEvent (QHoverEvent *event)
virtual void hoverMoveEvent (QHoverEvent *event)
virtual void inputMethodEvent (QInputMethodEvent *event)
bool isComponentComplete () const const
virtual void itemChange (ItemChange change, const ItemChangeData &value)
virtual void keyPressEvent (QKeyEvent *event)
virtual void keyReleaseEvent (QKeyEvent *event)
virtual void mouseDoubleClickEvent (QMouseEvent *event)
virtual void mouseMoveEvent (QMouseEvent *event)
virtual void mousePressEvent (QMouseEvent *event)
virtual void mouseReleaseEvent (QMouseEvent *event)
virtual void mouseUngrabEvent ()
virtual void releaseResources ()
virtual void touchEvent (QTouchEvent *event)
virtual void touchUngrabEvent ()
void updateInputMethod (Qt::InputMethodQueries queries)
virtual void updatePolish ()
virtual void wheelEvent (QWheelEvent *event)
bool widthValid () const const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from QObject
virtual void childEvent (QChildEvent *event)
virtual void connectNotify (const QMetaMethod &signal)
virtual void customEvent (QEvent *event)
virtual void disconnectNotify (const QMetaMethod &signal)
bool isSignalConnected (const QMetaMethod &signal) const const
int receivers (const char *signal) const const
QObjectsender () const const
int senderSignalIndex () const const
virtual void timerEvent (QTimerEvent *event)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from Chart
using DataSourcesProperty = QQmlListProperty<ChartDataSource>
enum  IndexingMode { IndexSourceValues = 1 , IndexEachSource , IndexAllValues }
- Public Types inherited from QQuickItem
enum  Flag
enum  ItemChange
enum  TransformOrigin
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from QObject
QMetaObject::Connection connect (const QObject *sender, const char *signal, const QObject *receiver, const char *method, Qt::ConnectionType type)
QMetaObject::Connection connect (const QObject *sender, const QMetaMethod &signal, const QObject *receiver, const QMetaMethod &method, Qt::ConnectionType type)
QMetaObject::Connection connect (const QObject *sender, PointerToMemberFunction signal, const QObject *context, Functor functor, Qt::ConnectionType type)
QMetaObject::Connection connect (const QObject *sender, PointerToMemberFunction signal, const QObject *receiver, PointerToMemberFunction method, Qt::ConnectionType type)
QMetaObject::Connection connect (const QObject *sender, PointerToMemberFunction signal, Functor functor)
bool disconnect (const QMetaObject::Connection &connection)
bool disconnect (const QObject *sender, const char *signal, const QObject *receiver, const char *method)
bool disconnect (const QObject *sender, const QMetaMethod &signal, const QObject *receiver, const QMetaMethod &method)
bool disconnect (const QObject *sender, PointerToMemberFunction signal, const QObject *receiver, PointerToMemberFunction method)
QString tr (const char *sourceText, const char *disambiguation, int n)
- Public Attributes inherited from QQuickItem
typedef Flags
- Public Attributes inherited from QObject
typedef QObjectList

Detailed Description

An item to render a pie chart.

This item will render a Pie chart based on the valueSources supplied to it. By default it will set indexingMode to IndexSourceValues, meaning that it will use the individual values of the valueSources to render sections of the chart.

Usage example

import QtQuick
import QtQuick.Controls
import org.kde.quickcharts as Charts
Charts.PieChart {
width: 400
height: 300
valueSources: Charts.ModelSource {
roleName: "data";
model: ListModel {
id: listModel
ListElement { data: 12 }
ListElement { data: 19 }
ListElement { data: 10 }
ListElement { data: 13 }
ListElement { data: 13 }
colorSource: Charts.ArraySource { array: ["red", "green", "blue", "yellow", "cyan"] }
nameSource: Charts.ArraySource { array: ["Red", "Green", "Blue", "Yellow", "Cyan"] }
thickness: 50
The resulting pie chart.

Multiple Value Sources

Multiple valueSources are rendered as consecutive pie charts in the same item. The first valueSource will become the outermost circle and consecutive valueSources will be rendered as continuously smaller circles. When rendering multiple value sources, filled will only affect the last value source. All other value sources will be rendered according to thickness, with spacing amount of space between them.

Definition at line 48 of file PieChart.h.

Property Documentation

◆ backgroundColor

QColor PieChart::backgroundColor

Sets a colour to use to fill remaining space on the pie.

The default is transparent.

Definition at line 99 of file PieChart.h.

◆ filled

bool PieChart::filled

Whether to use a filled pie or not.

If true, the last pie rendered will be rendered as a filled circle. The default is false.

Definition at line 72 of file PieChart.h.

◆ fromAngle

qreal PieChart::fromAngle

The starting angle of the arc used for the entire pie.

When set, instead of rendering a full circle, the pie will be rendered as an arc. The default is 0.

Definition at line 109 of file PieChart.h.

◆ range

RangeGroup * PieChart::range

The range of values to display in this PieChart.

When set to "automatic", the values will be divided across the entire chart.

See also

Definition at line 64 of file PieChart.h.

◆ smoothEnds

bool PieChart::smoothEnds

Smooth the ends of pie sections.

When true, this will try to smooth the ends of sections. This works best when filled is false. The default is false.

Definition at line 130 of file PieChart.h.

◆ spacing

qreal PieChart::spacing

The amount of spacing between pies when rendering multiple value sources.

The default is 0.

Definition at line 90 of file PieChart.h.

◆ thickness

qreal PieChart::thickness

The thickness of an individual pie, in pixels.

If filled is set, this is ignored for the last pie. The default is 10px.

Definition at line 81 of file PieChart.h.

◆ toAngle

qreal PieChart::toAngle

The end angle of the arc used for the entire pie.

When set, instead of rendering a full circle, the pie will be rendered as an arc. The default is 360.

Definition at line 118 of file PieChart.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ PieChart()

PieChart::PieChart ( QQuickItem * parent = nullptr)

Definition at line 17 of file PieChart.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ backgroundColor()

QColor PieChart::backgroundColor ( ) const

Definition at line 78 of file PieChart.cpp.

◆ filled()

bool PieChart::filled ( ) const

Definition at line 30 of file PieChart.cpp.

◆ fromAngle()

qreal PieChart::fromAngle ( ) const

Definition at line 93 of file PieChart.cpp.

◆ onDataChanged()

void PieChart::onDataChanged ( )

Reimplemented from Chart.

Implements Chart.

Definition at line 187 of file PieChart.cpp.

◆ range()

RangeGroup * PieChart::range ( ) const

Definition at line 25 of file PieChart.cpp.

◆ setBackgroundColor()

void PieChart::setBackgroundColor ( const QColor & color)

Definition at line 83 of file PieChart.cpp.

◆ setFilled()

void PieChart::setFilled ( bool newFilled)

Definition at line 35 of file PieChart.cpp.

◆ setFromAngle()

void PieChart::setFromAngle ( qreal newFromAngle)

Definition at line 98 of file PieChart.cpp.

◆ setSmoothEnds()

void PieChart::setSmoothEnds ( bool newSmoothEnds)

Definition at line 130 of file PieChart.cpp.

◆ setSpacing()

void PieChart::setSpacing ( qreal newSpacing)

Definition at line 67 of file PieChart.cpp.

◆ setThickness()

void PieChart::setThickness ( qreal newThickness)

Definition at line 51 of file PieChart.cpp.

◆ setToAngle()

void PieChart::setToAngle ( qreal newToAngle)

Definition at line 114 of file PieChart.cpp.

◆ smoothEnds()

bool PieChart::smoothEnds ( ) const

Definition at line 125 of file PieChart.cpp.

◆ spacing()

qreal PieChart::spacing ( ) const

Definition at line 62 of file PieChart.cpp.

◆ thickness()

qreal PieChart::thickness ( ) const

Definition at line 46 of file PieChart.cpp.

◆ toAngle()

qreal PieChart::toAngle ( ) const

Definition at line 109 of file PieChart.cpp.

◆ updatePaintNode()

QSGNode * PieChart::updatePaintNode ( QSGNode * node,
UpdatePaintNodeData * data )

Reimplemented from QQuickItem.

Reimplemented from QQuickItem.

Definition at line 141 of file PieChart.cpp.

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