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 CComputedRangeA helper containing the calculated X and Y ranges of a chart
 CLegendA pre-made legend control that displays a legend for charts
 CLegendDelegateA delegate that can be used as part of a Legend
 CLineChartControlA line chart with legend, grid and axis labels
 CPieChartControlA pie chart with text in the middle
 CQObject [external]
 CChartDataSourceAbstract base class for data sources
 CArraySourceA data source that provides entries of an array as data
 CChartAxisSourceA data source that provides values from a chart's axis as data
 CColorGradientSourceA data source that provides a hue-shifted color as data
 CHistoryProxySourceA data source that provides a history of a single item of a different data source
 CMapProxySourceA source that uses the values of another source to produce values from a map
 CModelSourceA data source that reads data from a QAbstractItemModel
 CSingleValueSourceA data source that provides a single value as data
 CItemBuilderA helper class that instantiates QML items from QML components
 CLineChartAttachedAn attached property that is exposed to point delegates created in line charts
 CQAbstractItemModel [external]
 CQAbstractListModel [external]
 CLegendModelA model that extracts information from a chart that can be displayed as a legend
 CQQuickItem [external]
 CAxisLabelsAn item that uses a delegate to place axis labels on a chart
 CChartAbstract base class for all charts
 CPieChartAn item to render a pie chart
 CXYChartA base class for Charts that are based on an X/Y grid
 CBarChartAn item to render a bar chart
 CLineChartA line chart
 CGridLinesAn item that renders a set of lines to make a grid for a chart
 CRangeGroupAn object that can be used as a grouped property to provide a value range for charts
 CQQmlParserStatus [external]
 CQQuickItem [external]
 CQSGNode [external]
 CQSGBasicGeometryNode [external]
 CQSGGeometryNode [external]
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