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 CLegendA pre-made legend control that displays a legend for charts
 CLegendDelegateA delegate that can be used as part of a Legend
 CLineChartControlA line chart with legend, grid and axis labels
 CPieChartControlA pie chart with text in the middle
 CArraySourceA data source that provides entries of an array as data
 CAxisLabelsAn item that uses a delegate to place axis labels on a chart
 CBarChartAn item to render a bar chart
 CChartAbstract base class for all charts
 CChartAxisSourceA data source that provides values from a chart's axis as data
 CChartDataSourceAbstract base class for data sources
 CColorGradientSourceA data source that provides a hue-shifted color as data
 CComputedRangeA helper containing the calculated X and Y ranges of a chart
 CGridLinesAn item that renders a set of lines to make a grid for a chart
 CHistoryProxySourceA data source that provides a history of a single item of a different data source
 CLegendModelA model that extracts information from a chart that can be displayed as a legend
 CLineChartA line chart
 CLineChartAttachedAn attached property that is exposed to point delegates created in line charts
 CMapProxySourceA source that uses the values of another source to produce values from a map
 CModelSourceA data source that reads data from a QAbstractItemModel
 CPieChartAn item to render a pie chart
 CRangeGroupAn object that can be used as a grouped property to provide a value range for charts
 CSingleValueSourceA data source that provides a single value as data
 CXYChartA base class for Charts that are based on an X/Y grid
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