Deprecated List
Member KAboutApplicationDialog::HideKdeVersion
Since 5.77, use HideLibraries instead.
Member KActionCollection::actionHighlighted (QAction *action)
Since 5.0. Replaced by actionHovered(QAction* action);
Member KActionCollection::removed (QAction *action)
Since 5.0, use changed() (added in 5.66) instead.
Member KActionCollection::slotActionHighlighted ()
Since 5.0. Replaced by slotActionHovered();
Since 5.65, use Qt::WindowFlags()
Member KEditToolBar::newToolbarConfig ()
Since 4.0, use newToolBarConfig()
Member KKeySequenceWidget::setCheckActionList (const QList< QAction * > &checkList)
since 4.1 use setCheckActionCollections so that KKeySequenceWidget knows in which action collection to call the writeSettings method after stealing a shortcut from an action.
Member KMainWindow::customHelpMenu (bool showWhatsThis=true)
Since 5.0, use XMLGUI instead, or KHelpMenu directly
Member KMainWindow::helpMenu (const QString &aboutAppText=QString(), bool showWhatsThis=true)
Since 5.0, use KHelpMenu directly
Member KMainWindow::initialGeometrySet () const
since 5.0, the functionality got removed
Member KMainWindow::restoreWindowSize (const KConfigGroup &config)
Since 5.0, use KWindowConfig::restoreWindowSize
Member KMainWindow::saveWindowSize (KConfigGroup &config) const
Since 5.0, use KWindowConfig::saveWindowSize
Member KMainWindow::showAboutApplication ()
Since 5.0, use KHelpMenu
Member KShortcutsEditor::undoChanges ()
Since 5.75, use undo()
Member KShortcutWidget::setCheckActionList (const QList< QAction * > &checkList)
since 4.1 Use setCheckActionCollections so that KShortcutWidget knows in which action collection to call the writeSettings method after stealing a shortcut from an action.
Member KToolBar::contextMenuEnabled () const
Since 5.0, use contextMenuPolicy()
Member KToolBar::setContextMenuEnabled (bool enable=true)
Since 5.0, use setContextMenuPolicy()
Member KToolBar::setXMLGUIClient (KXMLGUIClient *client)
Since 5.0, use addXMLGUIClient()
Member KXMLGUIBuilder::removeCustomElement (QWidget *parent, QAction *action)
Since 5.0, do not use
Member RESTORE (type)
since 5.0, use kRestoreMainWindows() instead
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