Deprecated List
Member KAboutApplicationDialog::HideKdeVersion
Since 5.77, use HideLibraries instead.
Member KActionCollection::actionHighlighted (QAction *action)
Since 5.0. Replaced by actionHovered(QAction* action);
Member KActionCollection::removed (QAction *action)
Since 5.0, use changed() (added in 5.66) instead.
Member KActionCollection::slotActionHighlighted ()
Since 5.0. Replaced by slotActionHovered();
Since 5.65, use Qt::WindowFlags()
Member KEditToolBar::newToolbarConfig ()
Since 4.0, use newToolBarConfig()
Member KKeySequenceWidget::setCheckActionList (const QList< QAction * > &checkList)
since 4.1 use setCheckActionCollections so that KKeySequenceWidget knows in which action collection to call the writeSettings method after stealing a shortcut from an action.
Member KMainWindow::customHelpMenu (bool showWhatsThis=true)
Since 5.0, use XMLGUI instead, or KHelpMenu directly
Member KMainWindow::helpMenu (const QString &aboutAppText=QString(), bool showWhatsThis=true)
Since 5.0, use KHelpMenu directly
Member KMainWindow::initialGeometrySet () const
since 5.0, the functionality got removed
Member KMainWindow::restoreWindowSize (const KConfigGroup &config)
Since 5.0, use KWindowConfig::restoreWindowSize
Member KMainWindow::saveWindowSize (KConfigGroup &config) const
Since 5.0, use KWindowConfig::saveWindowSize
Member KMainWindow::showAboutApplication ()
Since 5.0, use KHelpMenu
Member KShortcutsDialog::configure (KActionCollection *collection, KShortcutsEditor::LetterShortcuts allowLetterShortcuts=KShortcutsEditor::LetterShortcutsAllowed, QWidget *parent=nullptr, bool bSaveSettings=true)
since 5.84, use KShortcutsDialog::showDialog() instead.
Member KShortcutsEditor::undoChanges ()
Since 5.75, use undo()
Member KShortcutWidget::setCheckActionList (const QList< QAction * > &checkList)
since 4.1 Use setCheckActionCollections so that KShortcutWidget knows in which action collection to call the writeSettings method after stealing a shortcut from an action.
Member KToolBar::contextMenuEnabled () const
Since 5.0, use contextMenuPolicy()
Member KToolBar::setContextMenuEnabled (bool enable=true)
Since 5.0, use setContextMenuPolicy()
Member KToolBar::setXMLGUIClient (KXMLGUIClient *client)
Since 5.0, use addXMLGUIClient()
Member KXMLGUIBuilder::removeCustomElement (QWidget *parent, QAction *action)
Since 5.0, do not use
Member KXMLGUIFactory::configureShortcuts (bool bAllowLetterShortcuts=true, bool bSaveSettings=true)
since 5.84, use KXMLGUIFactory::showConfigureShortcutsDialog() instead. If your code checked the return value of this method (e.g. to run some extra code if the dialog was accepted), you can port that code by connecting to the shortcutsSaved() signal before calling showConfigureShortcutsDialog() (see the latter's API docs for a code example).
Member RESTORE (type)
since 5.0, use kRestoreMainWindows() instead
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