Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
 CKAboutApplicationDialogStandard "About Application" dialog box
 CKAboutPluginDialogStandard "About Plugin" dialog box
 CKActionCategoryCategorize actions for KShortcutsEditor
 CKActionCollectionA container for a set of QAction objects
 CKBugReportA dialog box for sending bug reports
 CKEditToolBarA dialog used to customize or configure toolbars
 CKHelpMenuStandard KDE help menu with dialog boxes
 CKKeySequenceWidgetA widget to input a QKeySequence
 CKMainWindowKMainWindow represents a top-level main window
 CKShortcutsDialogDialog for configuration of KActionCollection and KGlobalAccel
 CKShortcutsEditorWidget for configuration of KAccel and KGlobalAccel
 CKToggleToolBarActionAn action that takes care of everything associated with showing or hiding a toolbar by a menu action
 CKToolBarFloatable toolbar with auto resize
 CKToolTipHelperAn event filter used to enhance tooltips
 CKXMLGUIBuilderImplements the creation of the GUI (menubar, menus and toolbars) as requested by the GUI factory
 CKXMLGUIClientA KXMLGUIClient can be used with KXMLGUIFactory to create a GUI from actions and an XML document, and can be dynamically merged with other KXMLGUIClients
 CKXMLGUIFactoryKXMLGUIFactory, together with KXMLGUIClient objects, can be used to create a GUI of container widgets (like menus, toolbars, etc.) and container items (menu items, toolbar buttons, etc.) from an XML document and action objects
 CKXmlGuiWindowKMainWindow with convenience functions and integration with XmlGui files
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