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#include <connectionsettings.h>

Public Types

enum  AutoconnectSlaves { SlavesDefault = -1, DoNotConnectSlaves = 0, ConnectAllSlaves = 1 }
enum  ConnectionType {
  Unknown = 0, Adsl, Bluetooth, Bond,
  Bridge, Cdma, Gsm, Infiniband,
  OLPCMesh, Pppoe, Vlan, Vpn,
  Wimax, Wired, Wireless, Team,
  Generic, Tun, IpTunnel, WireGuard
typedef QList< PtrList
enum  Lldp { LldpDefault = -1, LldpDisable = 0, LldpEnableRx = 1 }
enum  Mdns { MdnsDefault = -1, MdnsNo = 0, MdnsResolve = 1, MdnsResolveAndRespond = 2 }
enum  Metered {
  MeteredUnknown = 0, MeteredYes = 1, MeteredNo = 2, MeteredGuessYes = 3,
  MeteredGuessNo = 4
typedef QSharedPointer< ConnectionSettingsPtr

Public Member Functions

 ConnectionSettings (ConnectionType type, NMBluetoothCapabilities bt_cap=NM_BT_CAPABILITY_DUN)
 ConnectionSettings (const ConnectionSettings::Ptr &other)
 ConnectionSettings (const NMVariantMapMap &map)
void addToPermissions (const QString &user, const QString &type)
bool autoconnect () const
int autoconnectPriority () const
int autoconnectRetries () const
AutoconnectSlaves autoconnectSlaves () const
ConnectionType connectionType () const
void fromMap (const NMVariantMapMap &map)
void fromMeCard (const QVariantMap &map)
quint32 gatewayPingTimeout () const
QString id () const
QString interfaceName () const
bool isSlave () const
Lldp lldp () const
QString master () const
Mdns mdns () const
Metered metered () const
QString name () const
QHash< QString, QStringpermissions () const
bool readOnly () const
QStringList secondaries () const
void setAutoconnect (bool autoconnect)
void setAutoconnectPriority (int priority)
void setAutoconnectRetries (int retries)
void setAutoconnectSlaves (AutoconnectSlaves autoconnectSlaves)
void setConnectionType (ConnectionType type, NMBluetoothCapabilities bt_cap=NM_BT_CAPABILITY_DUN)
void setGatewayPingTimeout (quint32 timeout)
void setId (const QString &id)
void setInterfaceName (const QString &interfaceName)
void setLldp (Lldp lldp)
void setMaster (const QString &master)
void setMdns (Mdns mdns)
void setMetered (Metered metered)
void setPermissions (const QHash< QString, QString > &perm)
void setReadOnly (bool readonly)
void setSecondaries (const QStringList &secondaries)
void setSlaveType (const QString &type)
void setStableId (const QString &stableId)
void setTimestamp (const QDateTime &timestamp)
Setting::Ptr setting (const QString &type) const
Setting::Ptr setting (Setting::SettingType type) const
Setting::List settings () const
void setUuid (const QString &uuid)
void setZone (const QString &zone)
QString slaveType () const
QString stableId () const
QDateTime timestamp () const
NMVariantMapMap toMap () const
QString uuid () const
QString zone () const

Static Public Member Functions

static QString createNewUuid ()
static QString typeAsString (const ConnectionType type)
static ConnectionType typeFromString (const QString &typeString)

Protected Attributes

ConnectionSettingsPrivate * d_ptr

Detailed Description

Represents collection of all connection settings.

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