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AccessPoint (NetworkManager)   
ActiveConnection (NetworkManager)   
AdslDevice (NetworkManager)   
AdslSetting (NetworkManager)   
BluetoothDevice (NetworkManager)   
BluetoothSetting (NetworkManager)   
BondDevice (NetworkManager)   
BondSetting (NetworkManager)   
BridgeDevice (NetworkManager)   
BridgePortSetting (NetworkManager)   
BridgeSetting (NetworkManager)   
CdmaSetting (NetworkManager)   
Connection (NetworkManager)   
ConnectionSettings (NetworkManager)   
DcbSetting (NetworkManager)   
Device (NetworkManager)   
DeviceStatistics (NetworkManager)   
Dhcp4Config (NetworkManager)   
Dhcp6Config (NetworkManager)   
DnsConfiguration (NetworkManager)   
DnsDomain (NetworkManager)   
GenericDevice (NetworkManager)   
GenericSetting (NetworkManager)   
GreDevice (NetworkManager)   
GsmSetting (NetworkManager)   
InfinibandDevice (NetworkManager)   
InfinibandSetting (NetworkManager)   
IpAddress (NetworkManager)   
IpConfig (NetworkManager)   
IpRoute (NetworkManager)   
IpTunnelDevice (NetworkManager)   
IpTunnelSetting (NetworkManager)   
Ipv4Setting (NetworkManager)   
Ipv6Setting (NetworkManager)   
MacsecSetting (NetworkManager)   
MacVlanDevice (NetworkManager)   
MatchSetting (NetworkManager)   
ModemDevice (NetworkManager)   
OlpcMeshDevice (NetworkManager)   
OlpcMeshSetting (NetworkManager)   
OvsBridgeSetting (NetworkManager)   
OvsInterfaceSetting (NetworkManager)   
OvsPatchSetting (NetworkManager)   
OvsPortSetting (NetworkManager)   
PppoeSetting (NetworkManager)   
PppSetting (NetworkManager)   
ProxySetting (NetworkManager)   
SecretAgent (NetworkManager)   
Security8021xSetting (NetworkManager)   
SerialSetting (NetworkManager)   
Setting (NetworkManager)   
SettingsNotifier (NetworkManager)   
TcSetting (NetworkManager)   
TeamDevice (NetworkManager)   
TeamPortSetting (NetworkManager)   
TeamSetting (NetworkManager)   
TemplateSetting (NetworkManager)   
TunDevice (NetworkManager)   
TunSetting (NetworkManager)   
UserSetting (NetworkManager)   
VethDevice (NetworkManager)   
VlanDevice (NetworkManager)   
VlanSetting (NetworkManager)   
VpnConnection (NetworkManager)   
VpnSetting (NetworkManager)   
VxlanSetting (NetworkManager)   
WimaxDevice (NetworkManager)   
WimaxNsp (NetworkManager)   
WimaxSetting (NetworkManager)   
WiredDevice (NetworkManager)   
WiredSetting (NetworkManager)   
WireGuardDevice (NetworkManager)   
WireGuardSetting (NetworkManager)   
WirelessDevice (NetworkManager)   
WirelessNetwork (NetworkManager)   
WirelessSecuritySetting (NetworkManager)   
WirelessSetting (NetworkManager)   
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