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 NNetworkManagerThis class allows querying the underlying system to discover the available network interfaces and reachable networks
 CAccessPointRepresents an access point
 CActiveConnectionAn active connection
 CAdslDeviceAn adsl device interface
 CAdslSettingRepresents adsl setting
 CBluetoothDeviceA bluetooth device interface
 CBluetoothSettingRepresents bluetooth setting
 CBondDeviceA bond device interface
 CBondSettingRepresents bond setting
 CBridgeDeviceA bridge device interface
 CBridgePortSettingRepresents bridge port setting
 CBridgeSettingRepresents bridge setting
 CCdmaSettingRepresents cdma setting
 CConnectionThis class represents a single network connection configuration
 CConnectionSettingsRepresents collection of all connection settings
 CDcbSettingRepresents Dcb setting
 CDeviceThis class represents a common device interface
 CDeviceStatisticsRepresents device statistics interface
 CDhcp4ConfigThis class represents dhcp4 configuration
 CDhcp6ConfigThis class represents dhcp4 configuration
 CDnsConfigurationThis class represents IP configuration
 CDnsDomainThis class represents the configuration for a DNS domain
 CGenericDeviceA generic device interface
 CGenericSettingRepresents generic setting
 CGreDeviceA gre device interface
 CGsmSettingRepresents gsm setting
 CInfinibandDeviceAn infiniband device interface
 CInfinibandSettingRepresents infiniband setting
 CIpAddressThis class represents IP address
 CIpConfigThis class represents IP configuration
 CIpRouteThis class represents IP route
 CIpTunnelDeviceA Ip Tunnel device interface
 CIpTunnelSettingRepresents IpTunnel setting
 CIpv4SettingRepresents ipv4 setting
 CIpv6SettingRepresents ipv6 setting
 CMacsecSettingRepresents Macsec setting
 CMacVlanDeviceA macvlan device interface
 CMatchSettingRepresents Match setting
 CModemDeviceRepresents a generic modem device, generally defined by the modemCapabilities() it exposes and at the current point in time by the currentCapabilities()
 COlpcMeshDeviceA OLPC mesh interface
 COlpcMeshSettingRepresents olpc mesh setting
 COvsBridgeSettingRepresents ovs-bridge setting
 COvsInterfaceSettingRepresents ovs-interface setting
 COvsPatchSettingRepresents OvsPatch setting
 COvsPortSettingRepresents OvsPort setting
 CPppoeSettingRepresents pppoe setting
 CPppSettingRepresents ppp setting
 CProxySettingRepresents proxy setting
 CSecretAgentImplementation of a private D-Bus interface used by secret agents that store and provide secrets to NetworkManager
 CSecurity8021xSettingRepresents 802.1x wireless security setting
 CSerialSettingRepresents serial setting
 CSettingBase class for all kinds of setting
 CSettingsNotifierThis class manages provides access to connections and notify about new ones
 CTcSettingRepresents Tc setting
 CTeamDeviceA team device interface
 CTeamPortSettingRepresents TeamPort setting
 CTeamSettingRepresents team setting
 CTemplateSettingRepresents generic setting
 CTunDeviceA tun device interface
 CTunSettingRepresents generic setting
 CUserSettingRepresents user setting
 CVethDeviceA veth device interface
 CVlanDeviceA vlan device interface
 CVlanSettingRepresents vlan setting
 CVpnConnectionAn active VPN connection
 CVpnSettingRepresents vpn setting
 CVxlanSettingRepresents vxlan setting
 CWimaxDeviceWimax network interface
 CWimaxNspWimax network service provider (access point)
 CWimaxSettingRepresents wimax setting
 CWiredDeviceA wired device interface
 CWiredSettingRepresents wired setting
 CWireGuardDeviceA WireGuard device interface
 CWireGuardSettingRepresents generic setting
 CWirelessDeviceA wireless network interface
 CWirelessNetworkThis class represents a wireless network, which aggregates all access points with the same SSID
 CWirelessSecuritySettingRepresents wireless security setting
 CWirelessSettingRepresents wireless setting
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