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#include <connection.h>

Inherits Akonadi::Server::AkThread.


void connectionClosing ()
void disconnected ()

Public Member Functions

 Connection (quintptr socketDescriptor, AkonadiServer &akonadi)
AkonadiServer & akonadi () const
const CommandContext & context () const
bool isOwnerResource (const Collection &collection) const
bool isOwnerResource (const PimItem &item) const
Protocol::CommandPtr readCommand ()
void sendResponse (qint64 tag, const Protocol::CommandPtr &response)
template<typename T >
std::enable_if< std::is_base_of< Protocol::Command, T >::value >::type sendResponse (T &&response)
QByteArray sessionId () const
void setContext (const CommandContext &context)
void setSessionId (const QByteArray &id)
void setState (ConnectionState state)
virtual DataStorestorageBackend ()
bool verifyCacheOnRetrieval () const

Protected Slots

void handleIncomingData ()
void slotConnectionIdle ()
void slotSendHello ()
void slotSocketDisconnected ()

Protected Member Functions

 Connection (AkonadiServer &akonadi)
qint64 currentTag () const
std::unique_ptr< HandlerfindHandlerForCommand (Protocol::Command::Type cmd)
void init () override
void quit () override

Protected Attributes

AkonadiServer & m_akonadi
DataStorem_backend = nullptr
bool m_connectionClosing = false
ConnectionState m_connectionState = NonAuthenticated
CommandContext m_context
std::unique_ptr< Handlerm_currentHandler
QHash< QString, qint64 > m_executionsByHandler
QString m_identifier
std::unique_ptr< QTimerm_idleTimer
QByteArray m_sessionId
std::unique_ptr< QLocalSocketm_socket
quintptr m_socketDescriptor = {}
QList< QByteArraym_statusMessageQueue
QElapsedTimer m_time
qint64 m_totalTime = 0
QHash< QString, qint64 > m_totalTimeByHandler
bool m_verifyCacheOnRetrieval = false

Detailed Description

An Connection represents one connection of a client to the server.

Definition at line 46 of file connection.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ isOwnerResource()

bool Connection::isOwnerResource ( const PimItem &  item) const

Returns true if this connection belongs to the owning resource of item.

Definition at line 403 of file server/connection.cpp.

◆ verifyCacheOnRetrieval()

bool Connection::verifyCacheOnRetrieval ( ) const

Returns true if permanent cache verification is enabled.

Definition at line 426 of file server/connection.cpp.

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