KCalUtils::Stringify Namespace Reference


KCALUTILS_EXPORT QString attendeeRole (KCalendarCore::Attendee::Role role)
KCALUTILS_EXPORT QString attendeeStatus (KCalendarCore::Attendee::PartStat status)
KCALUTILS_EXPORT QString errorMessage (const KCalendarCore::Exception &exception)
KCALUTILS_EXPORT QString incidenceSecrecy (KCalendarCore::Incidence::Secrecy secrecy)
KCALUTILS_EXPORT QStringList incidenceSecrecyList ()
KCALUTILS_EXPORT QString incidenceStatus (const KCalendarCore::Incidence::Ptr &incidence)
KCALUTILS_EXPORT QString incidenceStatus (KCalendarCore::Incidence::Status status)
KCALUTILS_EXPORT QString incidenceType (KCalendarCore::Incidence::IncidenceType type)
KCALUTILS_EXPORT QString scheduleMessageStatus (KCalendarCore::ScheduleMessage::Status status)
KCALUTILS_EXPORT QString todoCompletedDateTime (const KCalendarCore::Todo::Ptr &todo, bool shortfmt=false)
KCALUTILS_EXPORT QString tzUTCOffsetStr (const QTimeZone &tz)

Detailed Description

Provides methods to format Incidence properties in various ways for display purposes.

Function Documentation

◆ attendeeRole()

QString KCalUtils::Stringify::attendeeRole ( KCalendarCore::Attendee::Role role)

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◆ attendeeStatus()

QString KCalUtils::Stringify::attendeeStatus ( KCalendarCore::Attendee::PartStat status)

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◆ errorMessage()

QString KCalUtils::Stringify::errorMessage ( const KCalendarCore::Exception & exception)

Build a translated message representing an exception.

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◆ incidenceSecrecy()

QString KCalUtils::Stringify::incidenceSecrecy ( KCalendarCore::Incidence::Secrecy secrecy)

Returns the incidence Secrecy as translated string.

See also

Definition at line 57 of file stringify.cpp.

◆ incidenceSecrecyList()

QStringList KCalUtils::Stringify::incidenceSecrecyList ( )

Returns a list of all available Secrecy types as a list of translated strings.

See also

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◆ incidenceStatus() [1/2]

QString KCalUtils::Stringify::incidenceStatus ( const KCalendarCore::Incidence::Ptr & incidence)

Definition at line 105 of file stringify.cpp.

◆ incidenceStatus() [2/2]

QString KCalUtils::Stringify::incidenceStatus ( KCalendarCore::Incidence::Status status)

Definition at line 79 of file stringify.cpp.

◆ scheduleMessageStatus()

QString KCalUtils::Stringify::scheduleMessageStatus ( KCalendarCore::ScheduleMessage::Status status)

Definition at line 227 of file stringify.cpp.

◆ todoCompletedDateTime()

QString KCalUtils::Stringify::todoCompletedDateTime ( const KCalendarCore::Todo::Ptr & todo,
bool shortfmt = false )

Returns string containing the date/time when the to-do was completed, formatted according to the user's locale settings.

shortfmtIf true, use a short date format; else use a long format.

Definition at line 52 of file stringify.cpp.

◆ tzUTCOffsetStr()

QString KCalUtils::Stringify::tzUTCOffsetStr ( const QTimeZone & tz)

Returns a string containing the UTC offset of the specified QTimeZone tz (relative to the current date).

The format is [+-]HH::MM, according to standards.


Definition at line 245 of file stringify.cpp.

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