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 CKPublicTransport::AttributionCopyright and license information about the provided data
 CKPublicTransport::BackendInformation about a backend service queried for location/departure/journey data
 CKPublicTransport::CoverageAreaDescribes the area a specific KPublicTransport::Backend can provide information for
 CKPublicTransport::EquipmentStatus information about equipment such as elevators or escalators
 CKPublicTransport::FeatureAn amenity, facility or other relevant property of a vehicle (train, bus, etc), vehicle part (e.g
 CKPublicTransport::IndividualTransportIndividual transport mode details for a journey section, and for specifying journey requests
 CKPublicTransport::JourneyA journey plan
 CKPublicTransport::JourneyRequestDescribes a journey search
 CKPublicTransport::JourneySectionA segment of a journey plan
 CKPublicTransport::LineA public transport line
 CKPublicTransport::LineMetaDataStatic information about a public transport line
 CKPublicTransport::LoadInfoVehicle load information
 CKPublicTransport::LocationA location
 CKPublicTransport::LocationRequestDescribes a location search
 CKPublicTransport::PathA path followed by any kind of location change
 CKPublicTransport::PathSectionA section of a Path
 CKPublicTransport::PlatformInformation about the layout of a station platform
 CKPublicTransport::PlatformLayoutMethods for determining positions on a platform
 CKPublicTransport::PlatformSectionInformation about a part of a platform
 CQObject [external]
 CKPublicTransport::ManagerEntry point for starting public transport queries
 CKPublicTransport::OnboardStatusAccess to public transport onboard API
 CKPublicTransport::ReplyQuery response base class
 CKPublicTransport::JourneyReplyJourney query response
 CKPublicTransport::LocationReplyLocation query reply
 CKPublicTransport::StopoverReplyDeparture or arrival query reply
 CKPublicTransport::VehicleLayoutReplyReply to a vehicle layout query
 CQAbstractItemModel [external]
 CQAbstractListModel [external]
 CKPublicTransport::AbstractQueryModelCommon base class for query models, do not use directly
 CKPublicTransport::JourneyQueryModelModel representing journey query results
 CKPublicTransport::LocationQueryModelModel representing location query results
 CKPublicTransport::StopoverQueryModelModel representing arrival or departure query results
 CKPublicTransport::VehicleLayoutQueryModelModel for retrieving vehicle and platform layout query results
 CKPublicTransport::BackendModelModel listing backends and allowing to configure which ones are active
 CKPublicTransport::LocationHistoryModelModel of frequently/recently used locations
 CKPublicTransport::PathModelModel representing a KPublicTransport::Path
 CKPublicTransport::RentalVehicleAn individual rental vehicle used on a JourneySection, ie
 CKPublicTransport::RentalVehicleNetworkA vehicle sharing system/network
 CKPublicTransport::RentalVehicleStationAdditional information for a vehicle renting station, attached to Location objects
 CKPublicTransport::RouteA route of a public transport line
 CKPublicTransport::StopoverInformation about an arrival and/or departure of a vehicle at a stop area
 CKPublicTransport::StopoverRequestDescribes an arrival or departure search
 CKPublicTransport::VehicleInformation about the vehicle used on a journey
 CKPublicTransport::VehicleLayoutRequestDescribes a query for vehicle layout information
 CKPublicTransport::VehicleSectionInformation about a part of a vehicle
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