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 CAdoptLockTypeAssume the calling thread has already obtained mutex ownership and manage it
 CCryptoConfigModuleCrypto Config Module widget, dynamically generated from CryptoConfig It's a simple QWidget so that it can be embedded into a dialog or into a KCModule
 CDefaultKeyFilterDefault implementation of key filter class
 CDefaultKeyGenerationJobGenerates a PGP RSA/2048 bit key pair for given name and email address
 CDeferLockTypeDo not acquire ownership of the mutex
 CDNDN parser and reorderer
 CDocActionAn action for custom documentation which is opened by file
 CKeyFilterAn abstract base class key filters
 CKeyRearrangeColumnsProxyModelKRearrangeColumnsProxymodel that implements the KeyListModelInterface
 CKeyRequesterBase class for SigningKeyRequester and EncryptionKeyRequester
 CNavigatableTreeViewA tree view that allows accessible column by column keyboard navigation
 CNavigatableTreeWidgetA tree widget that allows accessible column by column keyboard navigation
 CNewKeyApprovalDialogA dialog to show for encryption / signing key approval or selection
 CProgressBarA QProgressBar with self-powered busy indicator
 CProgressDialogA progress dialog for Kleo::Jobs
 CTryToLockTypeTry to acquire ownership of the mutex without blocking
 CUniqueLockA movable scoped lock type for QMutex
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