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KOSMIndoorMap::SceneController Class Reference

#include <scenecontroller.h>

Public Member Functions

OSM::Element hoveredElement () const
void overlaySourceUpdated ()
void setHoveredElement (OSM::Element element)
void setMapData (const MapData &data)
void setOverlaySources (std::vector< QPointer< AbstractOverlaySource > > &&overlays)
void setStyleSheet (const MapCSSStyle *styleSheet)
void setView (const View *view)
void updateScene (SceneGraph &sg) const

Detailed Description

Creates/updates the scene graph based on a given style sheet and view.

Definition at line 36 of file scenecontroller.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SceneController()

SceneController::SceneController ( )

Definition at line 66 of file scenecontroller.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ hoveredElement()

OSM::Element SceneController::hoveredElement ( ) const

Set currently hovered element.

Definition at line 761 of file scenecontroller.cpp.

◆ overlaySourceUpdated()

void SceneController::overlaySourceUpdated ( )

Overlay dirty state tracking.

Definition at line 106 of file scenecontroller.cpp.

◆ setHoveredElement()

void SceneController::setHoveredElement ( OSM::Element element)

Definition at line 766 of file scenecontroller.cpp.

◆ setMapData()

void SceneController::setMapData ( const MapData & data)

Definition at line 72 of file scenecontroller.cpp.

◆ setOverlaySources()

void SceneController::setOverlaySources ( std::vector< QPointer< AbstractOverlaySource > > && overlays)

Definition at line 100 of file scenecontroller.cpp.

◆ setStyleSheet()

void SceneController::setStyleSheet ( const MapCSSStyle * styleSheet)

Definition at line 87 of file scenecontroller.cpp.

◆ setView()

void SceneController::setView ( const View * view)

Definition at line 93 of file scenecontroller.cpp.

◆ updateScene()

void SceneController::updateScene ( SceneGraph & sg) const

Creates or updates sg based on the currently set style and view settings.

When possible, provide the scene graph of the previous run to re-use scene graph elements that didn't change.

Definition at line 112 of file scenecontroller.cpp.

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