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Here is a list of all documented namespaces with brief descriptions:
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 NKOSMIndoorMapOSM-based multi-floor indoor maps for buildings
 NLocalizationTranslations of various OSM tag values
 CAbstractOverlaySourceA source for overlay elements, drawn on top of the static map data
 CAmenityModelList all amenities in a given data set
 CAmenitySortFilterProxyModelFiltering/sorting on top of the AmenityModel
 CEquipmentElevator or escalator element
 CEquipmentModelOverlay source for elevators and escalators
 CFloorLevelChangeModelFloor level changes on steps or elevators
 CFloorLevelModelFloor level model
 CGateAn airport gate
 CGateModelLists all airport gates found in the current map
 CHitDetectorPicking hit detector
 CLabelItemA text or icon label
 CLocationQueryOverlayProxyModelAdapts a KPublicTransport::LocationQueryModel to be compatible with a KOSMIndoorMap::OverlaySource
 CMapCSSParserMapCSS parser
 CMapCSSResultResult of MapCSS stylesheet evaluation for all layer selectors
 CMapCSSResultLayerResult of MapCSS stylesheet evaluation for a single layer selector
 CMapCSSStyleA parsed MapCSS style sheet
 CMapDataRaw OSM map data, separated by levels
 CMapItemMap renderer for the IndoorMap QML item
 CMapLevelA floor level
 CMapLoaderLoader for OSM data for a single station or airport
 CModelOverlaySourceA source for overlay elements, based on a QAbstractItemModel as input
 CMultiPolygonItemMulti-polygon item, used for polygons with "holes" in them
 COSMAddressPostal address from OSM data
 COSMElementQML wrapper around an OSM element
 COSMElementInformationModelModel containing information about a selected element
 CPainterRendererQPainter-based renderer of a SceneGraph
 CPlatformA railway platform/track
 CPlatformModelLists all platforms/tracks and platform sections found in the current map
 CPlatformSectionA railway platform section
 CPolygonBaseItemBase item for filled polygons
 CPolygonItemA single filled polygon
 CPolylineItemA path/way/line item in the scenegraph
 CRealtimeEquipmentModelElevator/escalator overlay source augmented with realtime status data where available
 CRoomModelList all rooms of buildings in a given data set
 CRoomSortFilterProxyModelFiltering/sorting on top of the RoomModel
 CSceneControllerCreates/updates the scene graph based on a given style sheet and view
 CSceneGraphScene graph of the currently displayed level
 CSceneGraphItemScene graph item description and handle for its content
 CSceneGraphItemPayloadPayload base class for scene graph items
 CViewView transformations and transformation manipulation
 NOSMLow-level types and functions to work with raw OSM data as efficiently as possible
 NIOAccess to OSM file/data readers
 CAbstractReaderAbstract base class for OSM file format readers
 CAbstractWriterAbstract base class for OSM file format writers
 CBoundingBoxBounding box, ie
 CCoordinateCoordinate, stored as 1e7 * degree to avoid floating point precision issues, and offset to unsigned values to make the z-order curve work
 CDataSetA set of nodes, ways and relations
 CDataSetMergeBufferHolds OSM elements produced by a parser prior to merging into OSM::DataSet
 CElementA reference to any of OSM::Node/OSM::Way/OSM::Relation
 CIOPluginInterfacePlugin interface for OSM file/data readers
 CLanguagesLanguages in preference order to consider when looking up translated tag values
 CMemberA member in a relation
 CNodeAn OSM node
 CO5mParserZero-copy parser of O5M binary files
 CO5mWriterSerialize an OSM::DataSet into the o5m file format
 COsmPbfParserParser of .osm.pbf files
 COsmPbfWriterSerialize an OSM::DataSet into the PBF file format
 COverpassQueryAn Overpass QL query job, to be executed by OverpassQueryManager
 COverpassQueryManagerExecutes OverpassQuery jobs
 CRelationAn OSM relation
 CRoleA relation role name key
 CStringKeyBase class for unique string keys
 CStringKeyRegistryRegistry of unique string keys
 CTagAn OSM element tag
 CTagKeyA key of an OSM tag
 CUniqueElementA std::unique_ptr-like object for OSM element types
 CWayAn OSM way
 CXmlWriterSerialize a OSM::DataSet into OSM XML
 CZTileTile in a quad tree made up out of z-order curve positions
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