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 COSM::AbstractReaderAbstract base class for OSM file format readers
 COSM::O5mParserZero-copy parser of O5M binary files
 COSM::OsmPbfParserParser of .osm.pbf files
 COSM::AbstractWriterAbstract base class for OSM file format writers
 COSM::O5mWriterSerialize an OSM::DataSet into the o5m file format
 COSM::OsmPbfWriterSerialize an OSM::DataSet into the PBF file format
 COSM::XmlWriterSerialize a OSM::DataSet into OSM XML
 CAmenityListDelegateDelegate for use on an AmenityModel
 COSM::BoundingBoxBounding box, ie
 COSM::CoordinateCoordinate, stored as 1e7 * degree to avoid floating point precision issues, and offset to unsigned values to make the z-order curve work
 COSM::DataSetA set of nodes, ways and relations
 COSM::DataSetMergeBufferHolds OSM elements produced by a parser prior to merging into OSM::DataSet
 CKOSM::EditorControllerFiltering/sorting on top of the AmenityModel
 COSM::ElementA reference to any of OSM::Node/OSMWay/OSMRelation
 CKOSMIndoorMap::EquipmentElevator or escalator element
 CKOSMIndoorMap::GateAn airport gate
 CKOSMIndoorMap::HitDetectorPicking hit detector
 CWikidata::ImageCommons image metadata
 CIndoorMapQML item for displaying a train station or airport map
 COSM::IOPluginInterfacePlugin interface for OSM file/data readers
 CWikidata::ItemWikidata item
 COSM::LanguagesLanguages in preference order to consider when looking up translated tag values
 CKOSMIndoorMap::MapCSSParserMapCSS parser
 CKOSMIndoorMap::MapCSSResultResult of MapCSS stylesheet evaluation for all layer selectors
 CKOSMIndoorMap::MapCSSResultLayerResult of MapCSS stylesheet evaluation for a single layer selector
 CKOSMIndoorMap::MapCSSStyleA parsed MapCSS style sheet
 CKOSMIndoorMap::MapDataRaw OSM map data, separated by levels
 CKOSMIndoorMap::MapLevelA floor level
 CKOSMIndoorMap::MapPointerEventData type for mouse/touch events on the map
 COSM::MemberA member in a relation
 CKOSMIndoorRouting::NavMeshCompiled nav mesh for routing
 COSM::NodeAn OSM node
 CKOSMIndoorMap::OSMAddressPostal address from OSM data
 CKOSMIndoorMap::OSMElementQML wrapper around an OSM element
 COSMElementInformationDialogDialog showing detailed information about a specific OSM element
 COSMElementInformationDialogAddressDelegateOSM element info dialog delegate for graphically displaying link entries
 COSMElementInformationDialogImageDelegateDelegate for showing images and logos in the OSM element information dialog
 COSMElementInformationDialogLinkDelegateOSM element info dialog delegate for graphically displaying link entries
 COSMElementInformationDialogOpeningHoursDelegateOSM element info dialog delegate for graphically displaying opening hours
 COSMElementInformationDialogStringDelegateOSM element info dialog delegate for graphically displaying textual entries
 CWikidata::PWikidata property identifier
 CKOSMIndoorMap::PainterRendererQPainter-based renderer of a SceneGraph
 CKOSMIndoorMap::PlatformA railway platform/track
 CKOSMIndoorMap::PlatformSectionA railway platform section
 CWikidata::QWikidata item identifier
 CQObject [external]
 CKOSMIndoorMap::AbstractOverlaySourceA source for overlay elements, drawn on top of the static map data
 CKOSMIndoorMap::EquipmentModelOverlay source for elevators and escalators
 CKOSMIndoorMap::ModelOverlaySourceA source for overlay elements, based on a QAbstractItemModel as input
 CKOSMIndoorMap::MapCSSLoaderAsynchronous loader for (remote) MapCSS assets
 CKOSMIndoorMap::MapLoaderLoader for OSM data for a single station or airport
 CKOSMIndoorMap::ViewView transformations and transformation manipulation
 CKOSMIndoorRouting::NavMeshBuilderJob for building a navigation mesh for the given building
 CKOSMIndoorRouting::RoutingControllerRouting interface for QML
 CKOSMIndoorRouting::RoutingJobJob for running a routing query on a compiled NavMesh instance
 COSM::OverpassQueryAn Overpass QL query job, to be executed by OverpassQueryManager
 COSM::OverpassQueryManagerExecutes OverpassQuery jobs
 CQAbstractItemModel [external]
 CKOSMIndoorMap::PlatformModelLists all platforms/tracks and platform sections found in the current map
 CQAbstractListModel [external]
 CQAbstractProxyModel [external]
 CQQmlExtensionPlugin [external]
 CKOSMIndoorMapQuickPluginQt Quick integration plugin for KOSMIndoorMap
 CQQuickItem [external]
 CQQuickPaintedItem [external]
 CWikidata::QueryBase class for Wikidata queries
 CWikidata::EntitiesQueryWikidata multi-entity retrieval query
 CWikidata::ImageMetadataQueryWikidata image metadata query
 CWikidata::QueryManagerExecutes wikidata queries
 CQQmlParserStatus [external]
 CQQuickItem [external]
 CKOSMIndoorRouting::rcVec33D vector type compatible with the Recast API
 COSM::RelationAn OSM relation
 CKOSMIndoorRouting::RoutingProfileRouting profile
 CKOSMIndoorMap::SceneControllerCreates/updates the scene graph based on a given style sheet and view
 CKOSMIndoorMap::SceneGraphScene graph of the currently displayed level
 CKOSMIndoorMap::SceneGraphItemScene graph item description and handle for its content
 CKOSMIndoorMap::SceneGraphItemPayloadPayload base class for scene graph items
 CKOSMIndoorMap::LabelItemA text or icon label
 CKOSMIndoorMap::PolygonBaseItemBase item for filled polygons
 CKOSMIndoorMap::MultiPolygonItemMulti-polygon item, used for polygons with "holes" in them
 CKOSMIndoorMap::PolygonItemA single filled polygon
 CKOSMIndoorMap::PolylineItemA path/way/line item in the scenegraph
 COSM::StringKeyBase class for unique string keys
 COSM::RoleA relation role name key
 COSM::TagKeyA key of an OSM tag
 COSM::StringKeyRegistry< OSM::TagKey >
 COSM::StringKeyRegistry< OSM::Role >
 COSM::StringKeyRegistry< T >Registry of unique string keys
 COSM::TagAn OSM element tag
 COSM::Internal::TaggedPointer< T >Pointer with the lower bits used for compact flag storage
 COSM::Internal::TaggedPointer< const char >
 COSM::Internal::TaggedPointer< const void >
 COSM::UniqueElementA std::unique_ptr-like object for OSM element types
 COSM::WayAn OSM way
 COSM::ZTileTile in a quad tree made up out of z-order curve positions
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