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This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 COSM::AbstractReaderAbstract base class for OSM file format readers
 COSM::O5mParserZero-copy parser of O5M binary files
 COSM::OsmPbfParserParser of .osm.pbf files
 COSM::AbstractWriterAbstract base class for OSM file format writers
 COSM::O5mWriterSerialize an OSM::DataSet into the o5m file format
 COSM::OsmPbfWriterSerialize an OSM::DataSet into the PBF file format
 COSM::XmlWriterSerialize a OSM::DataSet into OSM XML
 COSM::BoundingBoxBounding box, ie
 COSM::CoordinateCoordinate, stored as 1e7 * degree to avoid floating point precision issues, and offset to unsigned values to make the z-order curve work
 COSM::DataSetA set of nodes, ways and relations
 COSM::DataSetMergeBufferHolds OSM elements produced by a parser prior to merging into OSM::DataSet
 CKOSM::EditorControllerFiltering/sorting on top of the AmenityModel
 COSM::ElementA reference to any of OSM::Node/OSM::Way/OSM::Relation
 CKOSMIndoorMap::EquipmentElevator or escalator element
 CKOSMIndoorMap::GateAn airport gate
 CKOSMIndoorMap::HitDetectorPicking hit detector
 CIndoorMapQML item for displaying a train station or airport map
 COSM::IOPluginInterfacePlugin interface for OSM file/data readers
 CKOSMIndoorMapQuickPluginQt Quick integration plugin for KOSMIndoorMap
 COSM::LanguagesLanguages in preference order to consider when looking up translated tag values
 CKOSMIndoorMap::MapCSSParserMapCSS parser
 CKOSMIndoorMap::MapCSSResultResult of MapCSS stylesheet evaluation for all layer selectors
 CKOSMIndoorMap::MapCSSResultLayerResult of MapCSS stylesheet evaluation for a single layer selector
 CKOSMIndoorMap::MapCSSStyleA parsed MapCSS style sheet
 CKOSMIndoorMap::MapDataRaw OSM map data, separated by levels
 CKOSMIndoorMap::MapLevelA floor level
 COSM::MemberA member in a relation
 COSM::NodeAn OSM node
 CKOSMIndoorMap::OSMAddressPostal address from OSM data
 CKOSMIndoorMap::OSMElementQML wrapper around an OSM element
 CKOSMIndoorMap::PainterRendererQPainter-based renderer of a SceneGraph
 CKOSMIndoorMap::PlatformA railway platform/track
 CKOSMIndoorMap::PlatformSectionA railway platform section
 CQObject [external]
 CKOSMIndoorMap::AbstractOverlaySourceA source for overlay elements, drawn on top of the static map data
 CKOSMIndoorMap::EquipmentModelOverlay source for elevators and escalators
 CKOSMIndoorMap::RealtimeEquipmentModelElevator/escalator overlay source augmented with realtime status data where available
 CKOSMIndoorMap::ModelOverlaySourceA source for overlay elements, based on a QAbstractItemModel as input
 CKOSMIndoorMap::MapLoaderLoader for OSM data for a single station or airport
 CKOSMIndoorMap::ViewView transformations and transformation manipulation
 COSM::OverpassQueryAn Overpass QL query job, to be executed by OverpassQueryManager
 COSM::OverpassQueryManagerExecutes OverpassQuery jobs
 CQAbstractItemModel [external]
 CKOSMIndoorMap::PlatformModelLists all platforms/tracks and platform sections found in the current map
 CQAbstractListModel [external]
 CKOSMIndoorMap::AmenityModelList all amenities in a given data set
 CKOSMIndoorMap::FloorLevelChangeModelFloor level changes on steps or elevators
 CKOSMIndoorMap::FloorLevelModelFloor level model
 CKOSMIndoorMap::GateModelLists all airport gates found in the current map
 CKOSMIndoorMap::LocationQueryOverlayProxyModelAdapts a KPublicTransport::LocationQueryModel to be compatible with a KOSMIndoorMap::OverlaySource
 CKOSMIndoorMap::OSMElementInformationModelModel containing information about a selected element
 CQAbstractProxyModel [external]
 CQSortFilterProxyModel [external]
 CKOSMIndoorMap::AmenitySortFilterProxyModelFiltering/sorting on top of the AmenityModel
 CQQuickItem [external]
 CQQuickPaintedItem [external]
 CKOSMIndoorMap::MapItemMap renderer for the IndoorMap QML item
 CQQmlParserStatus [external]
 CQQuickItem [external]
 COSM::RelationAn OSM relation
 CKOSMIndoorMap::SceneControllerCreates/updates the scene graph based on a given style sheet and view
 CKOSMIndoorMap::SceneGraphScene graph of the currently displayed level
 CKOSMIndoorMap::SceneGraphItemScene graph item description and handle for its content
 CKOSMIndoorMap::SceneGraphItemPayloadPayload base class for scene graph items
 CKOSMIndoorMap::LabelItemA text or icon label
 CKOSMIndoorMap::PolygonBaseItemBase item for filled polygons
 CKOSMIndoorMap::MultiPolygonItemMulti-polygon item, used for polygons with "holes" in them
 CKOSMIndoorMap::PolygonItemA single filled polygon
 CKOSMIndoorMap::PolylineItemA path/way/line item in the scenegraph
 COSM::StringKeyBase class for unique string keys
 COSM::RoleA relation role name key
 COSM::TagKeyA key of an OSM tag
 COSM::StringKeyRegistry< OSM::TagKey >
 COSM::StringKeyRegistry< OSM::Role >
 COSM::StringKeyRegistry< T >Registry of unique string keys
 COSM::TagAn OSM element tag
 COSM::Internal::TaggedPointer< T >Pointer with the lower bits used for compact flag storage
 COSM::Internal::TaggedPointer< const char >
 COSM::Internal::TaggedPointer< const void >
 COSM::UniqueElementA std::unique_ptr-like object for OSM element types
 COSM::WayAn OSM way
 COSM::ZTileTile in a quad tree made up out of z-order curve positions
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