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KOSMIndoorMap::SceneGraphItemPayload Class Referenceabstract

#include <scenegraphitem.h>

Inheritance diagram for KOSMIndoorMap::SceneGraphItemPayload:

Public Types

enum  RenderPhase : uint8_t {
  NoPhase = 0 , FillPhase = 1 , CasingPhase = 2 , StrokePhase = 4 ,
  IconPhase = 8 , LabelPhase = 16

Public Member Functions

virtual QRectF boundingRect (const View *view) const =0
bool inHUDSpace () const
bool inSceneSpace () const
virtual uint8_t renderPhases () const =0

Public Attributes

int z = 0

Detailed Description

Payload base class for scene graph items.

Definition at line 59 of file scenegraphitem.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ RenderPhase

See MapCSS spec: "Within a layer, first all fills are rendered, then all casings, then all strokes, then all icons and labels." .

Definition at line 65 of file scenegraphitem.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ boundingRect()

virtual QRectF KOSMIndoorMap::SceneGraphItemPayload::boundingRect ( const View * view) const
pure virtual

Bounding box of this item in scene coordinates.

Performance trumps precision here, so estimating this slightly larger rather than computing it expensively makes sense.

Implemented in KOSMIndoorMap::PolylineItem, KOSMIndoorMap::PolygonItem, KOSMIndoorMap::MultiPolygonItem, and KOSMIndoorMap::LabelItem.

◆ inHUDSpace()

bool SceneGraphItemPayload::inHUDSpace ( ) const

Is this item drawn in HUD coordinates (as oposed to scene coordinates)?

Definition at line 22 of file scenegraphitem.cpp.

◆ inSceneSpace()

bool SceneGraphItemPayload::inSceneSpace ( ) const

Is this item drawn in scene coordinates (as oposed to HUD coordinates)?

Definition at line 17 of file scenegraphitem.cpp.

◆ renderPhases()

virtual uint8_t KOSMIndoorMap::SceneGraphItemPayload::renderPhases ( ) const
pure virtual

Returns in which phase this item needs to be rendered (can be multiple).

Implemented in KOSMIndoorMap::PolylineItem, KOSMIndoorMap::PolygonBaseItem, and KOSMIndoorMap::LabelItem.

Member Data Documentation

◆ z

int KOSMIndoorMap::SceneGraphItemPayload::z = 0

Definition at line 86 of file scenegraphitem.h.

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