KOSMIndoorMap::Localization Namespace Reference


enum  TranslationOption { ReturnUnknownKey , ReturnEmptyOnUnknownKey }


QString amenityType (const char *value, Localization::TranslationOption opt=Localization::ReturnUnknownKey)
QString cuisineTypes (const QByteArray &value, Localization::TranslationOption opt=Localization::ReturnUnknownKey)
bool hasAmenityTypeTranslation (const char *value)

Detailed Description

Translations of various OSM tag values.

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ TranslationOption

Control how unknown elements get translated.

Definition at line 19 of file localization.h.

Function Documentation

◆ amenityType()

QString KOSMIndoorMap::Localization::amenityType ( const char * value,
Localization::TranslationOption opt = Localization::ReturnUnknownKey )

Translated name for an amenity tag value (after list splitting).

This also covers values of similar/overlapping tags (office, tourism, leisure, historic, room, building, etc).

Definition at line 16 of file localization.cpp.

◆ cuisineTypes()

QString KOSMIndoorMap::Localization::cuisineTypes ( const QByteArray & value,
Localization::TranslationOption opt = Localization::ReturnUnknownKey )

Translated values of the cuisine tag (does list splitting).

Definition at line 21 of file localization.cpp.

◆ hasAmenityTypeTranslation()

bool KOSMIndoorMap::Localization::hasAmenityTypeTranslation ( const char * value)

Returns true if we can translate value.

Definition at line 11 of file localization.cpp.

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