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LambertProjector Member List

This is the complete list of members for LambertProjector, including all inherited members.

AzimuthalEquidistant enum value (defined in Projector)Projector
checkVisibility(const SkyPoint *p) constProjector
clipLine(SkyPoint *p1, SkyPoint *p2) constProjector
clipLineVec(SkyPoint *p1, SkyPoint *p2) constProjector
clipPoly() constProjectorvirtual
cosMaxFieldAngle() constProjectorinlineprotectedvirtual
derst(double x, double y) constProjectorinlineprotected
Equirectangular enum value (defined in Projector)Projector
findNorthPA(const SkyPoint *o, float x, float y) constProjector
findPA(const SkyObject *o, float x, float y) constProjector
findZenithPA(const SkyPoint *o, float x, float y) constProjector
fov() constProjector
fromScreen(const QPointF &p, dms *LST, const dms *lat, bool onlyAltAz=false) constProjectorvirtual
Gnomonic enum value (defined in Projector)Projector
groundPoly(SkyPoint *labelpoint=nullptr, bool *drawLabel=nullptr) constProjectorvirtual
Lambert enum value (defined in Projector)Projector
LambertProjector(const ViewParams &p) (defined in LambertProjector)LambertProjectorexplicit
m_clipPolygon (defined in Projector)Projectorprotected
m_cosY0 (defined in Projector)Projectorprotected
m_data (defined in Projector)Projectorprotected
m_fov (defined in Projector)Projectorprotected
m_sinY0 (defined in Projector)Projectorprotected
m_vp (defined in Projector)Projectorprotected
onScreen(const QPointF &p) constProjector
onScreen(const Eigen::Vector2f &p) const (defined in Projector)Projector
Orthographic enum value (defined in Projector)Projector
pointAt(double az)Projectorprotectedstatic
Projection enum name (defined in Projector)Projector
projectionK(double x) const overrideLambertProjectorvirtual
projectionL(double x) const overrideLambertProjectorvirtual
Projector(const ViewParams &p)Projectorexplicit
radius() const overrideLambertProjectorvirtual
rst(double x, double y) constProjectorinlineprotected
setViewParams(const ViewParams &p)Projector
Stereographic enum value (defined in Projector)Projector
toScreen(const SkyPoint *o, bool oRefract=true, bool *onVisibleHemisphere=nullptr) constProjector
toScreenVec(const SkyPoint *o, bool oRefract=true, bool *onVisibleHemisphere=nullptr) constProjectorvirtual
type() const overrideLambertProjectorvirtual
UnknownProjection enum value (defined in Projector)Projector
unusablePoint(const QPointF &p) constProjectorvirtual
viewParams() const (defined in Projector)Projectorinline
~LambertProjector() override=default (defined in LambertProjector)LambertProjector
~Projector()=default (defined in Projector)Projectorvirtual
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