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dms Member List

This is the complete list of members for dms, including all inherited members.

AngleRanges enum namedms
arcmin() constdms
arcsec() constdms
cos() constdmsinline
D (defined in dms)dmsprotected
degree() constdmsinline
Degrees() constdmsinline
deltaAngle(dms angle) constdms
dms(const int &d, const int &m=0, const int &s=0, const int &ms=0)dmsinlineexplicit
dms(const double &x)dmsinlineexplicit
dms(const QString &s, bool isDeg=true)dmsinlineexplicit
fromString(const QString &s, bool deg)dmsstatic
hour() constdmsinline
Hours() constdmsinline
HoursHa() constdmsinline
marcsec() constdms
MINUSPI_TO_PI enum value (defined in dms)dms
minute() constdms
msecond() constdms
operator-() (defined in dms)dmsinline
operator<< (defined in dms)dmsfriend
operator>> (defined in dms)dmsfriend
radians() constdmsinline
reduce() constdms
reduce(const double D)dmsstatic
reduceToRange(enum dms::AngleRanges range)dms
second() constdms
setD(const double &x)dmsinlinevirtual
setD(const int &d, const int &m, const int &s, const int &ms=0)dmsvirtual
setFromString(const QString &s, bool isDeg=true)dmsvirtual
setH(const double &x)dmsinlinevirtual
setH(const int &h, const int &m, const int &s, const int &ms=0)dmsvirtual
setRadians(const double &Rad)dmsinlinevirtual
sin() constdmsinline
SinCos(double &s, double &c) constdmsinline
tan() constdmsinline
toDMSString(const bool forceSign=false, const bool machineReadable=false, const bool highPrecision=false) constdms
toHMSString(const bool machineReadable=false, const bool highPrecision=false) constdms
ZERO_TO_2PI enum value (defined in dms)dms
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