QML wrappers around KConfig


enum  ObjectsToToggle {
  Stars, DeepSky, Planets, CLines,
  CBounds, ConstellationArt, MilkyWay, CNames,
  EquatorialGrid, HorizontalGrid, Ground, Flags,
  Satellites, Supernovae


Q_INVOKABLE QColor KStarsLite::getColor (QString name)
Q_INVOKABLE QString KStarsLite::getConfigCScheme ()
Q_INVOKABLE bool KStarsLite::isToggled (ObjectsToToggle toToggle)
Q_INVOKABLE void KStarsLite::setProjection (uint proj)
Q_INVOKABLE void KStarsLite::toggleObjects (ObjectsToToggle toToggle, bool toggle)

Detailed Description

Function Documentation

◆ getColor()

QColor KStarsLite::getColor ( QString  name)

returns color with key name from current color scheme

namethe key name of the color to be retrieved from current color scheme
color from name

Definition at line 405 of file kstarslite.cpp.

◆ isToggled()

bool KStarsLite::isToggled ( ObjectsToToggle  toToggle)
true if objects from group toToggle are currently toggled on

Definition at line 471 of file kstarslite.cpp.

◆ setProjection()

void KStarsLite::setProjection ( uint  proj)

setProjection calls Options::setProjection(proj) and updates SkyMapLite

Definition at line 398 of file kstarslite.cpp.

◆ toggleObjects()

void KStarsLite::toggleObjects ( ObjectsToToggle  toToggle,
bool  toggle 

toggles on/off objects of group toToggle

See also

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