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KWeatherCore::CAPAlertMessage Class Reference

#include <capalertmessage.h>

Public Types

enum  MessageType {
  UnknownMessageType, MessageType::Alert, MessageType::Update, MessageType::Cancel,
  MessageType::Acknowledge, MessageType::Error
enum  Scope { UnknownScope, Scope::Public, Scope::Restricted, Scope::Private }
enum  Status {
  UnknownStatus, Status::Actual, Status::Exercise, System,
  Status::Test, Status::Draft


QString identifier
MessageType messageType
QString note
Scope scope
QString sender
QDateTime sentTime
Status status

Public Member Functions

 CAPAlertMessage ()
 CAPAlertMessage (CAPAlertMessage &&other)
 CAPAlertMessage (const CAPAlertMessage &other)
const std::vector< CAPAlertInfo > & alertInfos () const
QString identifier () const
MessageType messageType () const
QString note () const
CAPAlertMessageoperator= (CAPAlertMessage &&other)
CAPAlertMessageoperator= (const CAPAlertMessage &other)
CAPReference ownReference () const
const std::vector< CAPReference > & references () const
Scope scope () const
QString sender () const
QDateTime sentTime () const
Status status () const

Detailed Description

Represents a single CAP Alert Message.

This class contains the information of a parsed CAP alert message.

See also
CAPAlertInfo $3.2.1
Anjani Kumar

Definition at line 28 of file capalertmessage.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ MessageType


Initial information requiring attention by targeted recipients.


Updates and supercedes the earlier message(s) identified in references()


Cancels the earlier message(s) identified in references()


Acknowledges receipt and acceptance of the message(s) identified in references()


Indicates rejection of the message(s) identified in references()

Definition at line 49 of file capalertmessage.h.

◆ Scope


For general dissemination to unrestricted audiences.


For dissemination only to users with a known operational requirement.


For dissemination only to specified addresses.

Definition at line 58 of file capalertmessage.h.

◆ Status

The code denoting the appropriate handling of the alert message.


Actionable by all targeted recipients.


Actionable only by designated exercise participants.


Technical testing only, all recipients disregard.


A preliminary template or draft, not actionable in its current form.

Definition at line 40 of file capalertmessage.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CAPAlertMessage()

KWeatherCore::CAPAlertMessage::CAPAlertMessage ( )

Default constructor, Status, MsgType, Scope are set to Unknown.

Definition at line 26 of file capalertmessage.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ alertInfos()

const std::vector< CAPAlertInfo > & KWeatherCore::CAPAlertMessage::alertInfos ( ) const

The alert info elements of this alert message.

See also

Definition at line 64 of file capalertmessage.cpp.

◆ identifier()

QString KWeatherCore::CAPAlertMessage::identifier ( ) const

Unique alert message identifier.

◆ messageType()

MessageType KWeatherCore::CAPAlertMessage::messageType ( ) const

The code denoting the nature of the alert message.

Returns UnknownMsgType if not set.

◆ note()

QString KWeatherCore::CAPAlertMessage::note ( ) const

The text describing the purpose or significance of the alert message.

Relevant for Exercise and Error status.

◆ ownReference()

CAPReference KWeatherCore::CAPAlertMessage::ownReference ( ) const

Reference of this CAP alert message.

See also

Definition at line 72 of file capalertmessage.cpp.

◆ references()

const std::vector< CAPReference > & KWeatherCore::CAPAlertMessage::references ( ) const

References to previous CAP alert messages.

Relevant for Update, Cancel and Ack message types.

Definition at line 68 of file capalertmessage.cpp.

◆ scope()

Scope KWeatherCore::CAPAlertMessage::scope ( ) const

The code denoting the intended distribution of the alert message.

Returns UnknownScope if not set.

◆ sender()

QString KWeatherCore::CAPAlertMessage::sender ( ) const

The identifier of the sender of the alert message.

◆ sentTime()

QDateTime KWeatherCore::CAPAlertMessage::sentTime ( ) const

The time and date of the origination of the alert message.

◆ status()

Status KWeatherCore::CAPAlertMessage::status ( ) const

The code denoting the appropriate handling of the alert message.

Returns UnknownStatus if not set.

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