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 CAlertFeedEntryClass represents single CAP
 CAlertManagerIntened to get pending weather alerts about a location
 CCAPAlertInfoRepresents a single CAP alert message info element
 CCAPAlertMessageRepresents a single CAP Alert Message
 CCAPAreaAffected area of a CAP alert message
 CCAPCircleGeographic circle describing the target area of a CAP alert message
 CCAPCoordinateA geographic coordinate as part of a polygon
 CCAPNamedValueCAP key/value pairs as found in area geo codes, alert event codes or alert parameters
 CCAPParserParser for CAP Alert Messages
 CCAPReferenceA reference to a previous CAP alert message
 CDailyWeatherForecastClass represents weatherforecast in a day
 CGeoTimezoneClass to obtain timezone via coordinate
 CHourlyWeatherForecastClass represents weatherforecast in a hour
 CLocationQueryClass locates current location and search locations by name
 CLocationQueryReplyAsynchronous reply for a location query
 CLocationQueryResultClass represents location query result
 CPendingAlertsReply to an asynchronous CAP feed request
 CPendingCAPThe PendingAlerts class contains the reply to an asynchronous CAP request
 CPendingWeatherForecastReply to an asynchronous weather forecast request
 CReplyBase class for all asynchronous jobs
 CWeatherForecastWeather information of one location for days
 CWeatherForecastSourceIntended for query weather information about a location
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