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KWeatherCore::LocationQueryResult Class Reference

#include <locationqueryresult.h>


QString countryCode
QString countryName
QString geonameId
qreal latitude
qreal longitude
QString name
QString toponymName

Public Member Functions

 LocationQueryResult (const LocationQueryResult &other)
 LocationQueryResult (double latitude, double longitude, QString toponymName=QString(), QString name=QString(), QString countryCode=QString(), QString countryName=QString(), QString geonameId=QString(), std::optional< QString > subdivision=std::nullopt)
 LocationQueryResult (LocationQueryResult &&other)
const QStringcountryCode () const
const QStringcountryName () const
const QStringgeonameId () const
double latitude () const
double longitude () const
const QStringname () const
LocationQueryResultoperator= (const LocationQueryResult &other)
LocationQueryResultoperator= (LocationQueryResult &&other)
const std::optional< QString > & subdivision () const
const QStringtoponymName () const

Detailed Description

Class represents location query result.

This is a class to hold general information about a location

See also
Han Young

Definition at line 25 of file locationqueryresult.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ LocationQueryResult()

KWeatherCore::LocationQueryResult::LocationQueryResult ( double  latitude,
double  longitude,
QString  toponymName = QString(),
QString  name = QString(),
QString  countryCode = QString(),
QString  countryName = QString(),
QString  geonameId = QString(),
std::optional< QString subdivision = std::nullopt 

LocationQueryResult construct location result with given data.

toponymNametoponym name of location, detailed
namedisplay name, short
countryCodecountry code, follow no standard but should be unique
countryNamecountry name
geonameIdinternal unique id
subdivisionstate, province, or other country subdivision, Follows ISO 3166-2

Definition at line 24 of file locationqueryresult.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ countryCode()

const QString& KWeatherCore::LocationQueryResult::countryCode ( ) const

country code, follow no standard but should be unique

◆ countryName()

const QString& KWeatherCore::LocationQueryResult::countryName ( ) const

country name

◆ geonameId()

const QString& KWeatherCore::LocationQueryResult::geonameId ( ) const

internal unique id

◆ name()

const QString& KWeatherCore::LocationQueryResult::name ( ) const

display name, short

◆ subdivision()

const std::optional< QString > & KWeatherCore::LocationQueryResult::subdivision ( ) const

Country subdivision such as state, province, etc.

Follows ISO 3166-2

Definition at line 83 of file locationqueryresult.cpp.

◆ toponymName()

const QString& KWeatherCore::LocationQueryResult::toponymName ( ) const

toponym name of location, detailed

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