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 CKWeatherCore::CAPAlertInfoRepresents a single CAP alert message info element
 CKWeatherCore::CAPAlertMessageRepresents a single CAP Alert Message
 CKWeatherCore::CAPAreaAffected area of a CAP alert message
 CKWeatherCore::CAPCircleGeographic circle describing the target area of a CAP alert message
 CKWeatherCore::CAPCoordinateA geographic coordinate as part of a polygon
 CKWeatherCore::CAPNamedValueCAP key/value pairs as found in area geo codes, alert event codes or alert parameters
 CKWeatherCore::CAPParserParser for CAP Alert Messages
 CKWeatherCore::CAPReferenceA reference to a previous CAP alert message
 CKWeatherCore::DailyWeatherForecastClass represents weatherforecast in a day
 CKWeatherCore::HourlyWeatherForecastClass represents weatherforecast in a hour
 CKWeatherCore::LocationQueryResultClass represents location query result
 CQObject [external]
 CKWeatherCore::LocationQueryClass locates current location and search locations by name
 CKWeatherCore::ReplyBase class for all asynchronous jobs
 CKWeatherCore::GeoTimezoneClass to obtain timezone via coordinate
 CKWeatherCore::LocationQueryReplyAsynchronous reply for a location query
 CKWeatherCore::PendingWeatherForecastReply to an asynchronous weather forecast request
 CKWeatherCore::WeatherForecastSourceIntended for query weather information about a location
 CKWeatherCore::WeatherForecastWeather information of one location for days
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