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KWeatherCore::HourlyWeatherForecast Class Reference

#include <hourlyweatherforecast.h>


QDateTime date
qreal fog
qreal humidity
QString neutralWeatherIcon
qreal precipitationAmount
qreal pressure
qreal temperature
qreal uvIndex
QString weatherDescription
QString weatherIcon
QString windDirection
qreal windSpeed

Public Member Functions

 HourlyWeatherForecast ()
 HourlyWeatherForecast (const QDateTime &date)
 HourlyWeatherForecast (const HourlyWeatherForecast &other)
 HourlyWeatherForecast (HourlyWeatherForecast &&other)
const QDateTimedate () const
double fog () const
double humidity () const
const QStringneutralWeatherIcon () const
HourlyWeatherForecastoperator= (const HourlyWeatherForecast &other)
HourlyWeatherForecastoperator= (HourlyWeatherForecast &&other)
bool operator== (const KWeatherCore::HourlyWeatherForecast &) const
double precipitationAmount () const
double pressure () const
void setDate (const QDateTime &date)
void setFog (double fog)
void setHumidity (double humidity)
void setNeutralWeatherIcon (const QString &neutralWeatherIcon)
void setPrecipitationAmount (double precipitationAmount)
void setPressure (double pressure)
void setSymbolCode (const QString &symbolCode)
void setTemperature (double temperature)
void setUvIndex (double uvIndex)
void setWeatherDescription (const QString &weatherDescription)
void setWeatherIcon (const QString &weatherIcon)
void setWindDirection (WindDirection windDirection)
void setWindDirectionStr (const QString &windDirection)
void setWindSpeed (double windSpeed)
const QStringsymbolCode () const
double temperature () const
QJsonObject toJson () const
double uvIndex () const
const QStringweatherDescription () const
const QStringweatherIcon () const
WindDirection windDirection () const
QString windDirectionStr () const
double windSpeed () const

Static Public Member Functions

static HourlyWeatherForecast fromJson (QJsonObject obj)

Detailed Description

Class represents weatherforecast in a hour.

This is a class to hold hourly forecast

See also
Han Young hanyo[email protected][email protected][email protected]proto[email protected]nmai[email protected]

Definition at line 26 of file hourlyweatherforecast.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

KWeatherCore::HourlyWeatherForecast::HourlyWeatherForecast ( )

HourlyWeatherForecast construct a null forecast.

Definition at line 36 of file hourlyweatherforecast.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

const QDateTime& KWeatherCore::HourlyWeatherForecast::date ( ) const

date of the forecast

double KWeatherCore::HourlyWeatherForecast::fog ( ) const

fog in percentage

HourlyWeatherForecast KWeatherCore::HourlyWeatherForecast::fromJson ( QJsonObject  obj)

construct from QJsonObject

Definition at line 64 of file hourlyweatherforecast.cpp.

double KWeatherCore::HourlyWeatherForecast::humidity ( ) const

humidity in percentage

const QString& KWeatherCore::HourlyWeatherForecast::neutralWeatherIcon ( ) const

icon without "day" or "night" attached

bool KWeatherCore::HourlyWeatherForecast::operator== ( const KWeatherCore::HourlyWeatherForecast rhs) const
true if date, weather icon and description is same

Definition at line 226 of file hourlyweatherforecast.cpp.

double KWeatherCore::HourlyWeatherForecast::precipitationAmount ( ) const

precipitation in mm

double KWeatherCore::HourlyWeatherForecast::pressure ( ) const

pressure in hpa

void KWeatherCore::HourlyWeatherForecast::setDate ( const QDateTime date)

set date

Definition at line 84 of file hourlyweatherforecast.cpp.

void KWeatherCore::HourlyWeatherForecast::setFog ( double  fog)

set fog in percentage

Definition at line 206 of file hourlyweatherforecast.cpp.

void KWeatherCore::HourlyWeatherForecast::setHumidity ( double  humidity)

set humidity in percentage

Definition at line 198 of file hourlyweatherforecast.cpp.

void KWeatherCore::HourlyWeatherForecast::setNeutralWeatherIcon ( const QString neutralWeatherIcon)

set neutral weatherIcon

Definition at line 108 of file hourlyweatherforecast.cpp.

void KWeatherCore::HourlyWeatherForecast::setPrecipitationAmount ( double  precipitationAmount)

set precipitation in mm

Definition at line 222 of file hourlyweatherforecast.cpp.

void KWeatherCore::HourlyWeatherForecast::setPressure ( double  pressure)

set pressure in hpa

Definition at line 132 of file hourlyweatherforecast.cpp.

void KWeatherCore::HourlyWeatherForecast::setSymbolCode ( const QString symbolCode)

set internal symbolcode from api, normally you can ignore this

Definition at line 116 of file hourlyweatherforecast.cpp.

void KWeatherCore::HourlyWeatherForecast::setTemperature ( double  temperature)

set temperature in celsius

Definition at line 124 of file hourlyweatherforecast.cpp.

void KWeatherCore::HourlyWeatherForecast::setUvIndex ( double  uvIndex)

set uv index, 0-1

Definition at line 214 of file hourlyweatherforecast.cpp.

void KWeatherCore::HourlyWeatherForecast::setWeatherDescription ( const QString weatherDescription)

set weather description

Definition at line 92 of file hourlyweatherforecast.cpp.

void KWeatherCore::HourlyWeatherForecast::setWeatherIcon ( const QString weatherIcon)

set weather icon

Definition at line 100 of file hourlyweatherforecast.cpp.

void KWeatherCore::HourlyWeatherForecast::setWindDirection ( WindDirection  windDirection)

set wind direction

Definition at line 162 of file hourlyweatherforecast.cpp.

void KWeatherCore::HourlyWeatherForecast::setWindDirectionStr ( const QString windDirection)

set wind direction, QString version

Definition at line 166 of file hourlyweatherforecast.cpp.

void KWeatherCore::HourlyWeatherForecast::setWindSpeed ( double  windSpeed)

set wind speed in km/h

Definition at line 190 of file hourlyweatherforecast.cpp.

const QString & KWeatherCore::HourlyWeatherForecast::symbolCode ( ) const

internal symbolcode from api, normally you can ignore this

Definition at line 112 of file hourlyweatherforecast.cpp.

double KWeatherCore::HourlyWeatherForecast::temperature ( ) const

temperature in celsius

QJsonObject KWeatherCore::HourlyWeatherForecast::toJson ( ) const

convert this to QJsonObject

Definition at line 47 of file hourlyweatherforecast.cpp.

double KWeatherCore::HourlyWeatherForecast::uvIndex ( ) const

uv index, 0-1

const QString& KWeatherCore::HourlyWeatherForecast::weatherDescription ( ) const

weather description

const QString& KWeatherCore::HourlyWeatherForecast::weatherIcon ( ) const

weather icon, breeze icon if construct by WeatherForecastSource

WindDirection KWeatherCore::HourlyWeatherForecast::windDirection ( ) const

scoped enum

QString KWeatherCore::HourlyWeatherForecast::windDirectionStr ( ) const

WindDirection in string.

eg. NW

Definition at line 140 of file hourlyweatherforecast.cpp.

double KWeatherCore::HourlyWeatherForecast::windSpeed ( ) const

wind speed in km/h

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