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KWeatherCore::WeatherForecast Class Reference

#include <weatherforecast.h>

Public Member Functions

 WeatherForecast ()
 WeatherForecast (const WeatherForecast &other)
 WeatherForecast (WeatherForecast &&) noexcept
const QDateTimecreatedTime () const
const std::vector< DailyWeatherForecast > & dailyWeatherForecast () const
double latitude () const
double longitude () const
WeatherForecastoperator+= (HourlyWeatherForecast &&forecast)
WeatherForecastoperator= (const WeatherForecast &other)
WeatherForecastoperator= (WeatherForecast &&) noexcept
void setCoordinate (double latitude, double longitude)
void setDailyWeatherForecast (std::vector< DailyWeatherForecast > &&forecast)
void setTimezone (QString timezone)
const QStringtimezone () const
QJsonObject toJson () const

Static Public Member Functions

static WeatherForecast fromJson (const QJsonObject &obj)

Detailed Description

The WeatherForecast class contains the weather information of one location for days.

See also
Han Young

Definition at line 22 of file weatherforecast.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ WeatherForecast()

KWeatherCore::WeatherForecast::WeatherForecast ( )

construct an empty object

Definition at line 22 of file weatherforecast.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ createdTime()

const QDateTime & KWeatherCore::WeatherForecast::createdTime ( ) const
the time this forecast object was created, this value won't change once constructed

Definition at line 76 of file weatherforecast.cpp.

◆ dailyWeatherForecast()

const std::vector< DailyWeatherForecast > & KWeatherCore::WeatherForecast::dailyWeatherForecast ( ) const
daily weather forecast

Definition at line 64 of file weatherforecast.cpp.

◆ fromJson()

WeatherForecast KWeatherCore::WeatherForecast::fromJson ( const QJsonObject & obj)

construct from json

Definition at line 50 of file weatherforecast.cpp.

◆ latitude()

double KWeatherCore::WeatherForecast::latitude ( ) const

Definition at line 68 of file weatherforecast.cpp.

◆ longitude()

double KWeatherCore::WeatherForecast::longitude ( ) const

Definition at line 72 of file weatherforecast.cpp.

◆ operator+=()

WeatherForecast & KWeatherCore::WeatherForecast::operator+= ( HourlyWeatherForecast && forecast)

merge HourlyWeatherForecast, new day is created when required

Definition at line 97 of file weatherforecast.cpp.

◆ setCoordinate()

void KWeatherCore::WeatherForecast::setCoordinate ( double latitude,
double longitude )


Definition at line 84 of file weatherforecast.cpp.

◆ setDailyWeatherForecast()

void KWeatherCore::WeatherForecast::setDailyWeatherForecast ( std::vector< DailyWeatherForecast > && forecast)

Definition at line 93 of file weatherforecast.cpp.

◆ setTimezone()

void KWeatherCore::WeatherForecast::setTimezone ( QString timezone)
timezonevalid IANA Time Zone ID

Definition at line 89 of file weatherforecast.cpp.

◆ timezone()

const QString & KWeatherCore::WeatherForecast::timezone ( ) const

IANA Time Zone ID.


Definition at line 80 of file weatherforecast.cpp.

◆ toJson()

QJsonObject KWeatherCore::WeatherForecast::toJson ( ) const

convert to QJsonObject

Definition at line 35 of file weatherforecast.cpp.

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