Perceptual Color

Internationalization and localization


This library is internationalized (i18n). This include also support for right-to-left layouts in the widgets.


This library is also localized (l10n). The localization is divided into two separate areas, which behave differently and independently of each other.

  1. Translation.
  2. Everything else.


The translation of user-visible strings is a global setting for the whole library. The language for the translation is auto-detected depending on the settings of the current computer. You can specify the translation explicitly with PerceptualColor::setTranslation(), which can also be used to change the translation dynamically (during program execution). The various translations are build directly into the library binary; no external files need to be available or loaded.

Everything else

All other localization settings (like which decimal separator to use or which date format to use) are individual per widget, depending on the QWidget::locale() property. Changing the localization dynamically (during program execution) is currently not supported.

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