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QCA::PGPKeyContextProps Class Reference

#include <QtCrypto>

Public Attributes

QDateTime creationDate
QDateTime expirationDate
QString fingerprint
bool inKeyring
bool isSecret
bool isTrusted
QString keyId
QStringList userIds

Detailed Description

OpenPGP key properties.

This class is part of the provider plugin interface and should not be used directly by applications. You probably want PGPKey instead.

For efficiency and simplicity, the members are directly accessed.

Definition at line 1745 of file qcaprovider.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ creationDate

QDateTime QCA::PGPKeyContextProps::creationDate

The time the key was created.

Definition at line 1767 of file qcaprovider.h.

◆ expirationDate

QDateTime QCA::PGPKeyContextProps::expirationDate

The time the key expires.

Definition at line 1772 of file qcaprovider.h.

◆ fingerprint

QString QCA::PGPKeyContextProps::fingerprint

The hex fingerprint of the key.

The format is all lowercase with no spaces.

Definition at line 1779 of file qcaprovider.h.

◆ inKeyring

bool QCA::PGPKeyContextProps::inKeyring

True if this key is in a keyring (and thus usable), otherwise false.

Definition at line 1785 of file qcaprovider.h.

◆ isSecret

bool QCA::PGPKeyContextProps::isSecret

True if this key is a secret key, otherwise false.

Definition at line 1762 of file qcaprovider.h.

◆ isTrusted

bool QCA::PGPKeyContextProps::isTrusted

True if this key is trusted (e.g.

signed by the keyring owner or via some web-of-trust), otherwise false

Definition at line 1791 of file qcaprovider.h.

◆ keyId

QString QCA::PGPKeyContextProps::keyId

The key id.

Definition at line 1751 of file qcaprovider.h.

◆ userIds

QStringList QCA::PGPKeyContextProps::userIds

List of user id strings for the key, the first one being the primary user id.

Definition at line 1757 of file qcaprovider.h.

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