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 qca.hSummary header file for QCA
 qca_basic.hHeader file for classes for cryptographic primitives (basic operations)
 qca_cert.hHeader file for PGP key and X.509 certificate related classes
 qca_core.hHeader file for core QCA infrastructure
 qca_keystore.hHeader file for classes that provide and manage keys
 qca_publickey.hHeader file for PublicKey and PrivateKey related classes
 qca_securelayer.hHeader file for SecureLayer and its subclasses
 qca_securemessage.hHeader file for secure message (PGP, CMS) classes
 qca_support.hHeader file for "support" classes used in QCA
 qca_textfilter.hHeader file for text encoding/decoding classes
 qca_tools.hHeader file for "tool" classes used in QCA
 qcaprovider.hHeader file for provider implementation classes (plugins)
 qpipe.hHeader file for the QPipe FIFO class
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