qca_securemessage.h File Reference
#include "qca_cert.h"
#include "qca_core.h"
#include "qca_publickey.h"
#include <QObject>
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class  QCA::CMS
class  QCA::OpenPGP
class  QCA::SecureMessage
class  QCA::SecureMessageKey
class  QCA::SecureMessageSignature
class  QCA::SecureMessageSystem




typedef QList< SecureMessageKey > QCA::SecureMessageKeyList
typedef QList< SecureMessageSignature > QCA::SecureMessageSignatureList

Detailed Description

Header file for secure message (PGP, CMS) classes

You should not use this header directly from an application. You should just use #include <QtCrypto> instead.

Definition in file qca_securemessage.h.

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