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 CQCA::AlgorithmGeneral superclass for an algorithm
 CQCA::CRLCertificate Revocation List
 CQCA::CertificatePublic Key (X.509) certificate
 CQCA::CertificateAuthorityA Certificate Authority is used to generate Certificates and Certificate Revocation Lists (CRLs)
 CQCA::CertificateRequestCertificate Request
 CQCA::CipherGeneral class for cipher (encryption / decryption) algorithms
 CQCA::HashGeneral class for hashing algorithms
 CQCA::KeyDerivationFunctionGeneral superclass for key derivation algorithms
 CQCA::KeyStoreGeneral purpose key storage object
 CQCA::KeyStoreEntrySingle entry in a KeyStore
 CQCA::MessageAuthenticationCodeGeneral class for message authentication code (MAC) algorithms
 CQCA::PGPKeyPretty Good Privacy key
 CQCA::PKeyGeneral superclass for public (PublicKey) and private (PrivateKey) keys used with asymmetric encryption techniques
 CQCA::RandomSource of random numbers
 CQCA::SASLSimple Authentication and Security Layer protocol implementation
 CQCA::SecureMessageClass representing a secure message
 CQCA::SecureMessageSystemAbstract superclass for secure messaging systems
 CQCA::TLSTransport Layer Security / Secure Socket Layer
 CQCA::TLSSessionSession token, used for TLS resuming
 CQCA::BigIntegerArbitrary precision integer
 CQCA::BufferedComputationGeneral superclass for buffered computation algorithms
 CQCA::HashGeneral class for hashing algorithms
 CQCA::MessageAuthenticationCodeGeneral class for message authentication code (MAC) algorithms
 CQCA::CertContextPropsX.509 certificate or certificate request properties
 CQCA::CertificateCollectionBundle of Certificates and CRLs
 CQCA::CertificateInfoPairOne entry in a certificate information list
 CQCA::CertificateInfoTypeCertificate information type
 CQCA::CertificateOptionsCertificate options
 CQCA::ConstraintTypeCertificate constraint
 CContextInternal context class used for the plugin
 CQCA::BasicContextBase class to use for primitive provider contexts
 CQCA::DLGroupContextDiscrete logarithm provider
 CQCA::KeyStoreListContextKeyStore provider
 CQCA::MessageContextSecureMessage provider
 CQCA::SASLContextSASL provider
 CQCA::TLSContextTLS provider
 CQCA::CRLContextPropsX.509 certificate revocation list properties
 CQCA::CRLEntryPart of a CRL representing a single certificate
 CQCA::DLGroupA discrete logarithm group
 CQCA::EventAn asynchronous event
 CQCA::FilterGeneral superclass for filtering transformation algorithms
 CQCA::CipherGeneral class for cipher (encryption / decryption) algorithms
 CQCA::TextFilterSuperclass for text based filtering algorithms
 CQCA::SASLContext::HostPortConvenience class to hold an IP address and an associated port
 CQCA::InitializerConvenience method for initialising and cleaning up QCA
 CQCA::KeyBundleCertificate chain and private key pair
 CQCA::KeyLengthSimple container for acceptable key lengths
 CQCA::KeyStoreInfoKey store information, outside of a KeyStore object
 CQCA::MemoryRegionArray of bytes that may be optionally secured
 CQCA::SecureArraySecure array of bytes
 CQCA::SASL::ParamsParameter flags for the SASL authentication
 CQCA::PGPKeyContextPropsOpenPGP key properties
 CQCA::ProviderAlgorithm provider
 CQCAPluginProvider plugin base class
 CQList< Certificate > [external]
 CQCA::CertificateChainA chain of related Certificates
 CQList< CertificateInfoPair > [external]
 CQCA::CertificateInfoOrderedOrdered certificate properties type
 CQObject [external]
 CQCA::AbstractLogDeviceAn abstract log device
 CQCA::ConsoleQCA Console system
 CQCA::ConsolePromptConsole prompt handler
 CQCA::ConsoleReferenceManager for a Console
 CQCA::DirWatchSupport class to monitor a directory for activity
 CQCA::EventHandlerInterface class for password / passphrase / PIN and token handlers
 CQCA::FileWatchSupport class to monitor a file for activity
 CQCA::KeyGeneratorClass for generating asymmetric key pairs
 CQCA::KeyLoaderAsynchronous private key loader
 CQCA::KeyStoreGeneral purpose key storage object
 CQCA::KeyStoreEntryWatcherClass to monitor the availability of a KeyStoreEntry
 CQCA::KeyStoreManagerAccess keystores, and monitor keystores for changes
 CQCA::LoggerA simple logging system
 CQCA::PasswordAskerUser password / passphrase / PIN handler
 CQCA::QPipeDeviceUnbuffered direct pipe
 CQCA::QPipeEndA buffered higher-level pipe end
 CQCA::SecureLayerAbstract interface to a security layer
 CQCA::SecureMessageClass representing a secure message
 CQCA::SecureMessageSystemAbstract superclass for secure messaging systems
 CQCA::SynchronizerEnable synchronization between two threads
 CQCA::TokenAskerUser token handler
 CQThread [external]
 CQCA::QPipeA FIFO buffer (named pipe) abstraction
 CQCA::SecureMessageKeyKey for SecureMessage system
 CQCA::SecureMessageSignatureSecureMessage signature
 CQCA::TLSContext::SessionInfoInformation about an active TLS connection
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