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QCA::KeyLength Class Reference

#include <QtCrypto>

Public Member Functions

 KeyLength (int min, int max, int multiple)
int maximum () const
int minimum () const
int multiple () const

Detailed Description

Simple container for acceptable key lengths.

The KeyLength specifies the minimum and maximum byte sizes allowed for a key, as well as a "multiple" which the key size must evenly divide into.

As an example, if the key can be 4, 8 or 12 bytes, you can express this as

KeyLength keyLen( 4, 12, 4 );

If you want to express a KeyLength that takes any number of bytes (including zero), you may want to use

KeyLength( 0, std::numeric_limits<int>::max(), 1 );

Definition at line 700 of file qca_core.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QCA::KeyLength::KeyLength ( int  min,
int  max,
int  multiple 

Construct a KeyLength object.

minthe minimum length of the key, in bytes
maxthe maximum length of the key, in bytes
multiplethe number of bytes that the key must be a multiple of.

Definition at line 711 of file qca_core.h.

Member Function Documentation

int QCA::KeyLength::maximum ( ) const

Obtain the maximum length for the key, in bytes.

Definition at line 729 of file qca_core.h.

int QCA::KeyLength::minimum ( ) const

Obtain the minimum length for the key, in bytes.

Definition at line 721 of file qca_core.h.

int QCA::KeyLength::multiple ( ) const

Return the number of bytes that the key must be a multiple of.

If this is one, then anything between minimum and maximum (inclusive) is acceptable.

Definition at line 740 of file qca_core.h.

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