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QCA::PKCS12Context Class Referenceabstract

#include <QtCrypto>

Inheritance diagram for QCA::PKCS12Context:

Public Member Functions

 PKCS12Context (Provider *p)
virtual ConvertResult fromPKCS12 (const QByteArray &in, const SecureArray &passphrase, QString *name, QList< CertContext * > *chain, PKeyContext **priv) const =0
virtual QByteArray toPKCS12 (const QString &name, const QList< const CertContext * > &chain, const PKeyContext &priv, const SecureArray &passphrase) const =0

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from QCA::BasicContext
 BasicContext (const BasicContext &from)
 BasicContext (Provider *parent, const QString &type)

Detailed Description

PKCS#12 provider.

This class is part of the provider plugin interface and should not be used directly by applications. You probably want KeyBundle instead.

Definition at line 1683 of file qcaprovider.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ PKCS12Context()

QCA::PKCS12Context::PKCS12Context ( Provider * p)

Standard constructor.

pthe Provider associated with this context

Definition at line 1692 of file qcaprovider.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ fromPKCS12()

virtual ConvertResult QCA::PKCS12Context::fromPKCS12 ( const QByteArray & in,
const SecureArray & passphrase,
QString * name,
QList< CertContext * > * chain,
PKeyContext ** priv ) const
pure virtual

Read PKCS#12 DER input and convert it into a set of output items.

The caller is responsible for deleting the returned items.

Returns QCA::ConvertGood if successful, otherwise some error value.

inthe input data
passphrasethe passphrase needed to decrypt the input data
namethe destination string for the friendly name
chainthe destination list for the certificate chain
privaddress of a pointer to accept the private key

◆ toPKCS12()

virtual QByteArray QCA::PKCS12Context::toPKCS12 ( const QString & name,
const QList< const CertContext * > & chain,
const PKeyContext & priv,
const SecureArray & passphrase ) const
pure virtual

Create PKCS#12 DER output based on a set of input items.

Returns an empty array on error.

namethe friendly name of the data
chainthe certificate chain to store
privthe private key to store
passphrasethe passphrase to encrypt the PKCS#12 data with

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