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QCA::DSAPublicKey Class Reference

#include <QtCrypto>

Inheritance diagram for QCA::DSAPublicKey:

Public Member Functions

 DSAPublicKey ()
 DSAPublicKey (const DLGroup &domain, const BigInteger &y, const QString &provider=QString())
 DSAPublicKey (const DSAPrivateKey &k)
DLGroup domain () const
BigInteger y () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from QCA::PublicKey
 PublicKey ()
 PublicKey (const PrivateKey &k)
 PublicKey (const PublicKey &from)
 PublicKey (const QString &fileName)
bool canDecrypt () const
bool canEncrypt () const
bool canVerify () const
bool decrypt (const SecureArray &in, SecureArray *out, EncryptionAlgorithm alg)
SecureArray encrypt (const SecureArray &a, EncryptionAlgorithm alg)
int maximumEncryptSize (EncryptionAlgorithm alg) const
PublicKeyoperator= (const PublicKey &from)
void startVerify (SignatureAlgorithm alg, SignatureFormat format=DefaultFormat)
QByteArray toDER () const
DHPublicKey toDH () const
DSAPublicKey toDSA () const
QString toPEM () const
bool toPEMFile (const QString &fileName) const
RSAPublicKey toRSA () const
void update (const MemoryRegion &a)
bool validSignature (const QByteArray &sig)
bool verifyMessage (const MemoryRegion &a, const QByteArray &sig, SignatureAlgorithm alg, SignatureFormat format=DefaultFormat)
- Public Member Functions inherited from QCA::PKey
 PKey ()
 PKey (const PKey &from)
int bitSize () const
bool canExport () const
bool canKeyAgree () const
bool isDH () const
bool isDSA () const
bool isNull () const
bool isPrivate () const
bool isPublic () const
bool isRSA () const
bool operator!= (const PKey &a) const
PKeyoperator= (const PKey &from)
bool operator== (const PKey &a) const
PrivateKey toPrivateKey () const
PublicKey toPublicKey () const
Type type () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from QCA::Algorithm
 Algorithm (const Algorithm &from)
void change (const QString &type, const QString &provider)
void change (Provider::Context *c)
Provider::Contextcontext ()
const Provider::Contextcontext () const
Algorithmoperator= (const Algorithm &from)
Providerprovider () const
Provider::ContexttakeContext ()
QString type () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from QCA::PKey
enum  Type { RSA , DSA , DH }
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from QCA::PublicKey
static PublicKey fromDER (const QByteArray &a, ConvertResult *result=nullptr, const QString &provider=QString())
static PublicKey fromPEM (const QString &s, ConvertResult *result=nullptr, const QString &provider=QString())
static PublicKey fromPEMFile (const QString &fileName, ConvertResult *result=nullptr, const QString &provider=QString())
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from QCA::PKey
static QList< TypesupportedIOTypes (const QString &provider=QString())
static QList< TypesupportedTypes (const QString &provider=QString())
- Protected Member Functions inherited from QCA::PublicKey
 PublicKey (const QString &type, const QString &provider)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from QCA::PKey
 PKey (const QString &type, const QString &provider)
void set (const PKey &k)
DHPrivateKey toDHPrivateKey () const
DHPublicKey toDHPublicKey () const
DSAPrivateKey toDSAPrivateKey () const
DSAPublicKey toDSAPublicKey () const
RSAPrivateKey toRSAPrivateKey () const
RSAPublicKey toRSAPublicKey () const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from QCA::Algorithm
 Algorithm ()
 Algorithm (const QString &type, const QString &provider)

Detailed Description

Digital Signature Algorithm Public Key.

Definition at line 1394 of file qca_publickey.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ DSAPublicKey() [1/3]

QCA::DSAPublicKey::DSAPublicKey ( )

Create an empty DSA public key.

◆ DSAPublicKey() [2/3]

QCA::DSAPublicKey::DSAPublicKey ( const DLGroup & domain,
const BigInteger & y,
const QString & provider = QString() )

Create a DSA public key.

domainthe discrete logarithm group to use
ythe public random value
providerthe provider to use, if a specific provider is required

◆ DSAPublicKey() [3/3]

QCA::DSAPublicKey::DSAPublicKey ( const DSAPrivateKey & k)

Create a DSA public key from a specified private key.

kthe DSA private key to use as the source

Member Function Documentation

◆ domain()

DLGroup QCA::DSAPublicKey::domain ( ) const

The discrete logarithm group that is being used.

◆ y()

BigInteger QCA::DSAPublicKey::y ( ) const

The public random value associated with this key.

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